Coach Cable Tuesday


Coach Cable: Ok, back to pads this morning.  Good work, a little bit hit and miss offensively.  We did a move the ball period just to get the coaches away from them and to see if they could problem solve on their own a little bit and I thought offensively the first huddle struggled.  The second group and third group had a little bit of success, but not much.  But that's a good thing too because that means your defense is making some plays, but too many penalties.  We'll get the officials here in the next couple of days and try to clean some of that up.  Guys who didn't practice, Chaz Schilens and Louis Murphy, who continue to improve and all that.  Schilens probably will work this afternoon.  Marcel Reece got a little bit of a sore foot that he went in and just checked on.  He came back out, but nothing serious there.

Q: Tom, would you say Bruce Gradkowski is rustier without the summer work?

Coach Cable: Kind of what you'd expect, I guess.  He's a little rusty and some of his timing isn't quite there.  His command and his ability to give it back to them in the huddle and direct it and get them in the right play and all of that is very good but he just needs to play and throw more balls.

Q: Kyle Boller, can you tell us what attributes he has that could help this team?

Coach Cable: Well, he's been there.  He's been in big games.  He's been the starter so I think he brings a lot to the table.  I think it's something that whole group will grow from.  Not just him, but from what Charlie brings to the table and Jason and all of them.  Then we'll settle it in terms of who's on this team and who's not.

Q: How has that shown?  Obviously it's early, but with Kyle, how is the fact that he's been in big games and played a lot shown to you?

Coach Cable: I think with how poised he is.  He's a very relaxed guy and understands that, 'I've got to be prepared and this is how I prepare.'  Then you've got to go out and make plays.  Ultimately, you have to go out and make plays.

Q: You look at some of the victories last year and there was a lot of two minute offense, a lot of last minute.  How much is that a testament to what you do on the practice field and how does that carry into the games?

Coach Cable: We talked a lot about, when we first put in the two minute system, that it's going to be the difference in a game.  You have a chance to win the very first game of the season if you're better at two minute defense.  We had a chance to win some games and did win some games in two minute offense.  So I think they understand the importance of it and I think it's something that they really get into on the days that we're doing it at camp.

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