Coach Cable Tuesday Transcript


Coach Cable: Okay, this group of people I will give you are the ones that didn't practice. Probably the most likely group that won't play in the game; Ford, Hubbard, Schilens, Lawton, McFadden, Frye, Gradkowski and Richardson. Everybody else should be fine. Today's practice, really kind of an emphasis to Dallas. They will come out this afternoon and do a lot of the same thing, but more of a walk-through thing.

Q: What are you hoping to get out of the game in your first pre-season game?

Coach Cable:A, Looking to stay healthy, and B, I would like to see the young guys play for the first time. Just to see us have some level of competence in terms of execution on both sides of the ball in the kicking game.

Q: Are there things that you are going to see the offensive line and special teams that you just wouldn't see? Or that is not possible to see during this practice?

Coach Cable:I think that is a very true statement, in regards to special teams for sure. Offensive line I don't think that I see anything that would surprise me. I just want to see if there is a certain level of consistency for that group.

Q: What about the first team run defense, can you see a little more in a game then you would see out here?

Coach Cable:I think so; it is going to be something a little bit new. I mean we are giving some of that now. It will be something new I want to see how far we have come in terms of our discipline and staying fit and square and run plays.

Q: Will Colt Brennan get a chance to play in the first pre-season game?

Coach Cable:I think so, yeah.

Q: What has impressed you so far about Rolando McClain in camp?

Coach Cable:Well, I think I mentioned this yesterday, someone asked that question. He is very well schooled so when he came here he had an understanding of the game which is unique. But the most impressive thing, since we have drafted him is through minicamp, and OTA, is his retention. His ability to come to camp and start right from day one and get us lined up and adjusted. He has a great feel for that, and naturally he just has control.

Q: Has he ever shown any rookie tendencies?

Coach Cable:I think away from the field you would [see some], but out here no. I see a lot of things that make me feel like he is a little more mature beyond his years, his age in terms of being a football player.

Q: Does it seem that you have a different passing offense?

Coach Cable:I just think because of the growth of the receivers and the addition of Jason, that we are advanced further then we were in the passing game. We have a lot of work to do to bring it together in terms of timing and cohesiveness.

Q: Dallas plays a very aggressive 3-4, very active front seven, is it going to be a good test for your offense?

Coach Cable:Well it is. I mentioned this couple of weeks ago. We have two games versus a four-man front and two games versus a three-man front in pre-season. So this is the first of the odd front teams. It will be very good for us in terms of 10 out of 16 in the regular season of playing the 3-4.

Q: What has Colt Brennan shown in the few days that he has been here?

Coach Cable:Well he is studying his rear end off.  Paul [Hackett] is spending an incredible amount of time with him. I think what he has done is put himself in the game.

Q: Colt making as many throws as he has in college, does it make him more likely to come hit the field with a short amount of practice, and be able to complete passes in a game situation?

Coach Cable:I think that it helps him. I definitely think it helps him. As you said, he came out of a much different system then maybe the pro style; but the fact is he thrown a million footballs. He has a nice drop. If you watch him he does a pretty good job with being able to put it on receivers, and lead them. So he has a knack for some of those things.

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