Coach Del Rio Praises Charles Woodson, Derek Carr's Preparation

The Raiders opened Mandatory Mini-Camp Tuesday at their Alameda, Calif., practice facility – the last week of on-field work the team will do before training camp.

Following practice, Head Coach Jack Del Rio addressed the media, speaking on a variety of topics, including the health of quarterback Derek Carr and the state of the wide receivers group.

Here are the highlights from his media session:

Charles Woodson is as Good as Advertised

Charles Woodson is entering his 18th year in the NFL, and so far he's done nothing but impress Head Coach Del Rio and the new coaching staff both on and off the field.

"It's been excellent, really, the leadership, the mentoring, the example. It's not surprising to me. I've been around a few great players over the last couple of years – watching Peyton Manning, watching Champ Bailey. It's not a secret why these guys that are tremendous athletes are playing well into their careers; why they continue to play at such a high level.  It's their work ethic and their love for the game. These guys love football. They love being around the guys. They love helping, teaching and competing. One thing about Charles – he is a very competitive guy. I think that's what fuels him."

The Carr is Out of the Shop

After partial participation in practice the offseason program due to injury, Derek Carr was back in action Tuesday and Head Coach Del Rio was happy to have his starting quarterback back on the field.

"He [Carr] was out there. He was ready to go today."

Carr's Preparation Has Been Impressive

Head Coach Del Rio also spoke about how impressed he's been with the second-year quarterback's preparation and attention to detail.

"Some stand out in their preparation more than others.  I think he's been somebody that, in my short time being around him, has been very impressive. He really has the work ethic. He's here early. He's doing things on his own. I think it's a great sign when your quarterback leads the way with his work ethic. I think he's on the right path that way as a player in this league."

Competition is a Good Thing

Head Coach Del Rio has fostered a competitive spirit on the Raiders, and he's happy with the way the team is working right now.

"There's great competition throughout the roster at different spots. Our secondary is competing hard. Our linebackers are competing and working hard. Our defensive line; really it would be hard to find a position that doesn't have great competition going on in it, so that part of it is exciting this time of year."


Photos from the Raiders Mandatory Mini-Camp Day 1 - June 9, 2015.

Everything's Fine Out Wide**

Much has been made about the state of the wide receivers heading into 2015, but Head Coach Del Rio is happy with the progress of the position group.

"I think with Amari [Cooper] and Crab [Michael Crabtree] and Dre [Andre Holmes] and [Kenbrell] Thompkins, I think we've had a pretty solid offseason with those guys and I think they're competing hard. Just like we were talking about the defensive side, on the offensive side, there's a lot of competition in that group for roles."

The Right Side is Wide Open

Head Coach Del Rio has been vocal about the right side of the offensive line being an open competition, and he reinforced that sentiment Tuesday.

"There's always competition until there's not competition. Until it's settled we'll let the guys compete. There's not a timeframe on it. We want to make sure we give the different combinations a look. We're going to need to have the ability to be versatile and have utility players that can do more than one job. At this point we're just trying to first settle on the best five. We feel like the right side is a place where there is some competition taking place."

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