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Coach Jackson August 17 Transcript


Q: How is Samson (Satele) doing?

Coach Jackson: He is good. He'll be fine. Obviously he had a little tweak there, a "nick." No this one is a little nick. I told you I am going to be very cautious so we will send him in, play with the nick and get him back out here.

Q: Was he taken to the hospital?

Coach Jackson: I am sure we did. I am sure we will do all the precautionary things that you need to do to make sure that our players are okay.

Q: What happened?

Coach Jackson: Nothing major.

Q: Got rolled on?

Coach Jackson: Didn't get rolled on or anything. It just started feeling discomfort and again we decided to get him out. He didn't feel some strength in some areas. He is okay. I really believe that he is ok and he will be fine.

Q: Hue, can you talk a little bit about the three quarterbacks? Have you seen a situation in which there is maybe the least amount of drop offs from one to three?

Coach Jackson: Probably not. You know that is credit to those young men spending all the time that they do preparing and Al Saunders and me driving them. I think these guys come out every day working. We have three very good candidates and I think you guys can all see that. I am very happy with all three of them. Wish there was more practice time; there is not, but they have done a tremendous job. Jason (Campbell) to Kyle (Boller) to Trent (Edwards). I mean those guys work very hard at what we are trying to accomplish and they go out there every day and compete.

Q: You happy with the energy after the off day?

Coach Jackson: Oh yeah, much better today. I wasn't going to let it be nothing but that today. I went in as a head coach and make sure that the coaches had to supply the energy we were going to do. But the players, they were ready to go, because I forewarned them about exactly how it was going to be and they came out and got it done.

Q: So you had to draw them up early to kind of reinforce….

Coach Jackson: Oh yeah, that is my prerogative and I get to do that. I am just not going to let us practice any way. This team has the chance to be great and I keep telling you guys that. That is my job as a head coach to make sure that I get them there and this is an everyday exercise and those guys understand what I am trying to do. I am not going to baby this team. I am not going to be nice to them. I am going to demand that they get it done and they will get it done.

Q: With the false starts and some of the jumping with the defensive guys has actually gone up with the last couple of weeks. Seems like earlier there was hardly any and then lately there seem to be a few more?

Coach Jackson: I think today was. Today probably was a little bit more than what it was and I know exactly who that culprit is. I will talk to him again, but I think he understands. He is trying to get a great get off and I don't want to be such a stickler on certain things because we do want them to get off but we must cut the penalties, and obviously in the game is just like the performance out here. We have to get it done in the game. Ten penalties is not where we want to be by no stretch of the imagination. We have to cut that. As I said before, one is too many, but we know that we are going to have some, but we just don't want that team number. I mean we can't play winning football that way and our team understands that. I think what is happening is they are getting three different quarterbacks and three different languages, they are hearing different things. We are doing a great job at getting the security of the offense and the quarterbacks have done a great job with their cadence, mixing it up so it could be tough on the defense at times.

Q: Denarius Moore, I know you praised him early and often but does he ever seem to have a bad day to you?

Coach Jackson: No, no he doesn't and I don't want him to have a bad day. You know he is a rookie and he will hit a wall at some point in time; they all do. I have coached that position, know what it is, drafted those guys, and watch them play, and when he does hit it, we will pick him up and get him out of that and show him how to get to the next level. Not many rookies in the National Football League don't at some time have a time where you go 'oh my gosh,' here we are at week 8 and it is like the finish of the season for them. So he will hit it and when he does we will pick him up and keep him going.

Q: How do you keep raising the bar for a guy that had some success, gained some notoriety; how do you keep setting the standards higher?

Coach Jackson: Keep giving him opportunities to make those plays. I mean that is what it is. This is a playmakers game and it is all about performance. He knows that and he has been making them and he has to continue to make them.

Q: Hue, what are looking for on Saturday?

Coach Jackson: Improvement. Improvement; coaches, players, again I expect us to be a very dominant defense and I want to see our defense play that way. I expect us to be an offense that can execute at a high level and I expect us to do that. I expect this team to start taking the next step. Again, everything headed towards that opening game, you know, but we need to improve in all areas. I need to improve coaching. We need to improve playing. We need to improve just the mechanics of playing the game and how we go about preparing and I think we are well on our way to doing that.

Q: In your years in the NFL is this the standard that you have heard other coaches say the same thing that nobody is ever happy at least after the first game, but it is like we have to get better, we have to get better?

Coach Jackson: Oh no question, every coach around the league is trying to get better. I don't think anybody is happy with where they are right now. We have had these guys what, three weeks? I don't know too many coaches going oh hooray. I mean we don't play until the 12th when it really counts. Obviously we have a good game this week, but you have to keep building. You have to build and make sure that the process is ongoing so that you hit the season running. That is what this is all about. This is where this is headed. You know, when I talk to our football team we have to get ready to play any opponent that we play. We all understand that we have to hit the ground running come the 12th of September. That is when all of a sudden they start putting those wins and losses on the strike board.

Q: So would you rather play really well and take a loss on Saturday or play really bad and take the victory?

Coach Jackson: I always want to win. Last week was hard for me, you know it took me more than 48 hours to let that one go, but that is okay. I want to win, but I also want our team to play well. I need to see the improvement that I am looking for. I mean there is a vision of where we need to be and how we need to be there and I think we are getting there and I think that is what matters.

Q: Protection was pretty good the first game and I am not sure how much Arizona tried to blitz; are you hoping the Niners bring some just to see how you react?

Coach Jackson: This is a tough sport. I want it as hard as it can be, because when we start playing the games during the season everybody is not going to make it easy on us. I don't think the Cardinals were trying to be easy on us by no stretch of the imagination. I am sure San Francisco won't be either. But we have to be prepared for any and everything and I want our guys to go out and meet and have it where it is rough. I mean where it is tough because we have to meet that and exceed it in order to get to where we want to go.

Q: In that area of protection from the start of camp, how solid have you been there? I mean obviously you are mixing and matching offensive lines and you don't know exactly what are going to have so that might affect it a little bit, but how have you been and how have you seen the protection?

Coach Jackson: I think it is good. I mean I am not going to tell you that it is great yet because we need to continue to keep shoring things up. The techniques of how we do things are still improving each and every day, but I guarantee you this - I think our guys understand that in order to throw this ball in this league you have to have quality protection. That if we protect better that Jason Campbell and these receivers can make more plays. Truth be told we are all involved in that. Receivers have to get open. The quarterback has to deliver the ball at the right time. Everybody just thinks it is the offensive line. We all have a hand in that. You know I mean me getting the play in fast enough, everything. I mean it is a huge team effort to make the pass protection go and make that pass offense go, but we are always going to be a team that can run it and now we are going to hopefully be a team that can throw it pretty well.

Q: Ideally how many plays would you like to see from your starters?

Coach Jackson: I don't know. I haven't thought about that one yet. I am going to rest on that one as I did last week, but I think we do need to play. I mean we need to get out there and really stick our feet in and play because I think we are getting closer to the time where it really counts. I haven't made a decision about how long they will play, but I do know that we do need to play.

Q: How much do you look at their film and are you even concerned about them that much? Do you look at what they did last week or you just to say we're going to play in here and worry about what you do?

Coach Jackson: Yes and no, because they do some things that are a little different than what we do so we have to make sure that we don't put our team in a situation that we don't have a chance to be successful, but you also are still in training camp mode. You're still in evaluation, you're still putting things in your system and you're still getting things into place and I think that is very important too. You have to mix and match that the best you can because again there hasn't been any mini camps or OTAs and all of those things so the system we would have been in now we are just fine tuning in training camp when we are just putting them all in. Regardless of whether I am returning or Chuck has been here before, whatever that is, you still have to start from a foundation from ground zero to get to where you want to go. So that takes some work and I think people sometimes think you just roll the ball out there. No, it is not like that. You have to work at it and get your team ready so when you start to really play to defeat the teams that you need to defeat that you have that foundation in place so you can get it done.

Q: How do you balance installing your offense, defense and special teams concepts and techniques with the position battles and guys you haven't seen because of the situation?

Coach Jackson: It is tough because you have to make sure that you have given those guys enough opportunities to showcase their talents and abilities, but you also have to make sure that you are getting your team ready. So there is a fine line, but we get everybody on video tape and that's why I keep telling guys, regardless of whether you are on the first team, second team, or third team it doesn't matter, you have to go. You have to put on video tape something that us coaches can take and hold on to in order to evaluate you and you can't worry about where you are right now. When you get your opportunity you have to make the most of it and I think our players are trying to do that.

Q: Hue, what does Al Saunders bring to this offense?

Coach Jackson: Oh wow, I mean obviously a wealth of experience, knowledge of the quarterback's position, route running. He is my dictionary when I need to know something. He is one guy that I can turn to, but he has been tremendous. He has really helped this offense elevate and that is why I asked him to come. There is not a coach here that is on this staff that is not here for a purpose and a reason. They were kind of handpicked and put here. There were guys we kept and guys we added here because I think they bring something to the table that can help this organization win and Al certainly does that.

Q: Hue, who would you say is the leader of your secondary?

Coach Jackson: I would say there are a couple guys back there. I think Tyvon Branch and I think Michael Huff, those guys have those kind of qualities. Obviously the corners are those guys that wear the sweat bands and they stay off to the side and cover man to man and they don't want to be bothered. Those two guys like it rough and like to get up in there and get it done, but I am so pleased with our secondary and I think you guys can hear that there is a lot more communicating going on out there between those guys and what they are trying to accomplish. I am thrilled with where we are but I am dying to really watch them play for more than six plays, because I think it has a chance to be a very good defensive football team.

Q: Do you expect Chris Johnson to play this game?

Coach Jackson: I knew that one was coming. No I don't. Chris had a procedure. We got Chris out of here and Chris had a procedure. Chris will be back here very shortly and soon and we will get him back in uniform and get him playing. I am not going to go into detail exactly what it is, but he did and he had to have some things cleaned up with him and I think he will be back on the mend and ready to play football for us.

Q: As far as playing in the opening game?

Coach Jackson: I think he will definitely be playing in the opening game. In my opinion, he will be back, but I think we will miss a little bit and then get him back here. I am going to be very cautious with all these guys like that. Again, it is the lock out. I mean let's just keep it real. When you are not around your players and you can't see them, deal with them, and talk to them and be a part of what is going on sometimes things happen that you are not sure of until you get them out here and then you realize that you better maybe fix something or get something right before we put him back out here.

Q: You said you wanted to "build a bully" and that you wanted your defense to be bullies, who is your biggest bully defensive wise?

Coach Jackson: Oh man we have about three of them that look kind of mean -- (Richard) Seymour, Tommy Kelly and Lamarr Houston and Matt Shaughnessy. Those guys are tenacious and tough, and so is John Henderson so I am happy with are front. Our whole defense needs to play that way. They all need to play that way. I have watched DeMarcus Van Dyke do some things today that I haven't seen; get after guys on the sideline and push them out of bounds. That is what we need to become. I truly believe that we can be that kind of defense. I don't want it to be a fluffy type of thing. We are not trying to be one of these guys where it is just b.s. I mean that is what we need to become here to be a very good defensive football team and I think they understand that.

Q: How do you think kickoffs are going to play out league wise this year? Do you think you're going to see some kickoffs where everybody is going to try to slam it into the end zone or do you think you are going to see some teams trying some pooch kicks type of strategy?

Coach Jackson: Well I think if you're kicking it to us and Jacoby Ford is back there I wouldn't kick it to him. But I do think that there is going to be some team that do strategize and try to say let's pooch a ball and see if we can get down there and cover these guys. There are going to be some guys that have great kickers that are just going to kick it out of the end zone. So I think it is going to be a feel for how good is your returner and what kind of returner is he, what kind of return team are they? So I think there will be some strategy to it.

Q: It is kind of a blow to you guys?

Coach Jackson: Yes it is and that is why we didn't vote for it. I mean you just took our kick returner baby out of the game, because he is very special at doing what he does.

Q: It is going to be a big opportunity for (DeMarcus) Van Dyke with Chris (Johnson) out for this game?

Coach Jackson: I think so. My motto is next man up. Whoever the next man up is, step up and let's play. As you guys know I don't bat an eye at those things when a guy goes down or a guy is out of here. I don't like it for our players, but we can't worry about that. I can't worry about it. I have to coach the guys that are here and whoever is here and those guys have to step up and play like a Raider.

Q: Where did you develop that philosophy as you went along in football, or did you immediately understand that hey that is the way the game is?

Coach Jackson: That is the way the game is, this is pro football. You know you are going to get some injuries sometimes and you are going to get some things that don't go your way but you can't be a team that worries about things that don't go your way. We have to fix it and make it come back our way and to me that is what the great teams do. You would love to have all your players from 1- 53 and once the season starts and they are healthy and ready to go, but that is not the way it works in this league and I have always known that and I think what you have to do is to never make it a huge point. If some guy is hurt, let's put the next guy in there and go play because they are not going to cancel the game. They are not going to say 'ok the other team is going to play with ten' and you have to have eleven guys out there and they have to go play.

Q: Any updates on Mike Mitchell or Louis Murphy?

Coach Jackson: Now Murph had the kind of procedure there also. Murph kind of will take a little bit longer than Chris. Mike is off getting some things looked at just to make sure exactly where he is so we are getting a consultation on him. Murph did have a procedure similar to Chris but Murph's was a little more extensive than Chris so Murph might be out a little bit longer than C.J.

Q: So Murph will not be eligible for the season opener?

Coach Jackson: Probably will not be, absolutely..

Q: Are you going to have any procedures?

Coach Jackson: Yeah, I may have to have a procedure here soon if it keeps going this way.

Q: Chaz (Schilens)?

Coach Jackson: Chaz is getting close. No, he is doing really good and again a lot of our players, I think you see some of the other guys running around and getting ready. I think when we get ready to play in this opener I think we will be where we need to be and I truly believe that.

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