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Coach Jackson August 22 Transcript


Coach Jackson at the podium. Photo by Tony Gonzales.

Coach Jackson: Good day today. We got some of my toys back so I am excited about that. I am sure you guys saw quite a few guys that were back out at practice today so that is a good thing. I think we are beginning to get a little more healthy as we move forward and that is exciting.

Q: Got a lot faster today didn't you?

Coach Jackson: Oh yeah. Got a lot faster, got a lot of more opportunities to score touchdowns, all of those things showed up today so I think we are definitely headed in the right direction.

Q: What about picking up Terrell Pryor and about what he brings to the table?

Coach Jackson: Well let me say this, obviously Terrell Pryor is a very talented young football player that we drafted who is going to be on our football team. I am excited to work with him, but by no means is that really what it is truly all about. I have to do everything I can to get this football team back right, first and foremost. Obviously he is going to come here, I think you guys all know the situation that he has to sit out a little while. Once we get him here there is a process to all that and we will get him here and integrated into what we are doing.

Q: So there is no determination as to what position he might play?

Coach Jackson: No, this young man is a quarterback and I think that is where he is going to start and we will go from there.

Q: There is always some guy at camp that just shows up out of nowhere and I think Denarius Moore has been that guy; talk about his camp so far.

Coach Jackson: Wow, he has had a great camp. He has done well in games. He has been very consistent and that is what you look for. I think the young man, as I said earlier, has no fear. I think what you see in practice is what you see all the time in games too. I think the games are not big for him. He loves the game. He loves the spotlight and I am looking forward to watching him grow as we go through the season.

Q: What did you see from (Darren) McFadden and (Jacoby) Ford being back? What did you like about what you saw and where are they at?

Coach Jackson: They were fast. One could run real good and the other one catches real well. So it makes you smile because those are the guys that you count on and they will be here when the time calls.

Q: Darren (McFadden) got a lot of work today, a little more than Jacoby (Ford) did; has he been ready to go for a while? He has been running full speed minus what is wrong with his eye?

Coach Jackson: I think he is ready. Obviously he hasn't played in the game, but I think he is ready to play football.

Q: Are you going to play him in the preseason game or you might just sit him?

Coach Jackson: I haven't made that decision yet. I just might keep this cellophane wrap on him and let him out at another time, but he did well today. Jacoby (Ford) did well today, even Trevor Scott. All those guys did a great job today being back out there at practice. I am glad that they are there.

Q: How about Jason (Campbell) just watching today?

Coach Jackson: Yeah I just made that decision. Again I get to make that decision. Take another extra day, you know, one more day to make sure that everything is squared away and ready to go before I stick him back in there.

Q: So did he take that baseline test and was he cleared to practice?

Coach Jackson: Well I think he was close. I mean whether it was totally clear, I don't know that because I was out here at practice, but I know he was close, but I know I wanted him to take another day to make sure we were totally behind anything before I stick him back out there.

Q: After seeing Taiwan Jones today, how far behind is he?

Coach Jackson: From what I saw today it didn't look like he was very far behind. He looked fast to me, but no it is good to have all of these guys back out here. It was like Christmas today when you see those kind of talented athletes out here playing and running around again. I think it helps infuse the team because the guys are very good players. Again, a great day for us at practice and we need to continue to get better.

Q: Going back to (Terrell) Pryor, what do you see in him and what does his future look like as a Raider?

Coach Jackson: I think obviously I have to work with him. What you see, you see on video tape, but the guy had a very storied career at Ohio State. He can throw it. He can run with it. He is smart. He is tough. He played in big games. Again he is another young athlete that we are going to add to the mix that plays quarterback and we will work him.

Q: Have you spoken to him today and what did he say?

Coach Jackson: I spoke to him today, very briefly and he is very excited to be a Raider.

Q: You ever had a quarterback run that fast?

Coach Jackson: No. No I take that back, yes I have - Michael Vick ran extremely fast from time to time. Absolutely.

Q: Trevor Scott has some experience at linebacker and defensive line do you see him as a defensive lineman for you guys mostly.

Coach Jackson: I think what we are going to do is keep working through the process with him to see where he is and then we will definitely find a place for him. You know regardless of where it is, he is going to play on this football team.

Q: Although it is far down the road and you're going to work with (Terrell) Pryor as a quarterback, you have a guy where you talk about getting in the end zone and doing whatever it takes to get in the end zone; do you see a situation anywhere where he can get in the end zone would you do it?

Coach Jackson: Why not if that is what it calls for? Again I am so excited about the team I am coaching now because, like I said, with those players I got back out there today I got even a better chance to get there even faster because there is some fast talented athletes on the field today. I know we drafted Terrell but he is not here. He is not going to do anything for awhile so my focus is on this football team that I am coaching right now and getting these players healthy and getting this team to be what I know they have the capability of being.

Q: He can practice when he gets here until the season starts?

Coach Jackson: I think you are absolutely correct. Once the season starts, again, that is a process. We still have to sign the young man. We have to do all of those things that you do when you draft a guy first before we can get him out here.

Q: Darren (McFadden) has been such a standout practice player ever since he has got here, what does it do to elevate the intensity of practice and immediately looks like he has never been away?

Coach Jackson: It is because he is a good player. I have gone on record saying that I expect big things from Darren (McFadden). He is one of the best players in this league in my opinion and I think it is just a matter of him getting back and practicing every day and him getting game ready. I think he will go show what I know he is, but does it help our football team that he is here? There is no question that it does. He is one of our top players. He elevates practice. He makes plays and that is what I expect from him.

Q: There were a lot of missed throws - throws that were thrown behind from both quarterback today. After the passing game looked the other night was that kind of discouraging or just something to work on?

Coach Jackson: Oh those things happen. I have been through this so long, so many times and those days happen. I mean like you said, the team is used to Jason (Campbell) up their first and you can get a little timing off. That didn't bother me and that didn't discourage me today. I felt like those things happen and I can see why they happen, but I think we will be fine. I think the passing game has improved. I think the pass protection has improved. I think the pass unit overall has improved. I think Darrius (Heyward-Bey) and the two catches he made the other night were just sensational. So I think we are growing by leaps and bounds. Now I think it is a matter of putting it all together, taking this offense and putting it together and taking this offense to go play the way I think that we can play.

Q: Daniel (Loper) was gone today.

Coach Jackson: Loper had a baby. Absolutely and Walter McFadden, both of them had children and I think that is an important time in any players life. You know you don't get those opportunities very often. So they cleared that with me and I understood exactly what was going on and that was ok.

Q: (Travis) Goethel left practice?

Coach Jackson: I am going to find out. I think it was little sprain or something there. A ding, the nick you know, I will go check that out but hopefully he will be fine.

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