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Coach Jackson Monday Transcript


Q:[Derek] Hagan and Michael Bennett?

Coach Jackson:Hagan has a little ding but he will be fine, I guarantee it, he will be all right, he will be ready to roll. Michael Bennett, we released Michael this morning so we could bring Matt [Giordano] back. It was a decision that needed to be made, feel very good about it, and will move on from there.

Q:That move was made to make a little more depth at safety or special teams?

Coach Jackson:Again, just evaluating our team, just seeing what's best for us as we move forward, as we get ready for this game this week, and the organization feels that's best for our team, so that's the direction were heading in.

Q:What did Matt show you?

Coach Jackson:That he will compete, that he's tough, he has played the game at a vey high level, been on some very good quality teams, was a great worker, has good range, plays safety, and can fill in on special teams. So he has some value.

Q:Is team cognizant of Monday Night Football history?

Coach Jackson:This is what I know. It's 2011. The Raiders versus the Denver Broncos on Monday night in their stadium. That's all I know. What's gone on here in the past, I can't speak about it or worry about it. I'm just worried about this upcoming Monday night.

Q:Are there any other special steps your taking to get your team ready for Monday night?

Coach Jackson:Here is the deal, were going to be ready to play come Monday night, I promise you that.

Q:Was today's practice similar to yesterday's?

Coach Jackson:Yes, again we had a couple extra days, we want to take advantage of the days as we start to prepare for Denver. Again, this is still about our football team, getting our team up to speed, ready to go, understanding how we go about our business, how we prepare, how we do everything, and they have done a great job. These last few days have been really good.

Q:So you haven't done much of anything Denver specific yet?

Coach Jackson:No not yet.

Q:That starts Wednesday?

Coach Jackson:Absolutely.

Q:What is the key of going into a hostile environment, on opening day, bright lights, Monday night football, and winning that game?

Coach Jackson:Packing your best team and playing as well as the Raiders can play, and I think we'll do that. I feel very comfortable and confident that our players are getting ready to go play a big time football game.

Q:Do you know if Boss is going to be practicing this Wednesday?

Coach Jackson:I don't know that, I will find that after I leave here. I will get a good feel about where he is as far as the injury is concerned.

Q:Do you have a good handle on what you're going to do with Denarius Moore, I know he is a good talent, and how do you think you're going to be using him going forward?

Coach Jackson:Let him catch balls, that's what he does, catch footballs, put him in position to make plays. That's what you do, you take all this talent we have, we've got to take these guys and give them opportunities to make plays in games, and he's done it, and he's one of the guys that knows how, so we will give him the opportunity to do so.

Q:How long ago did you start watching Denver?

Coach Jackson:When John Fox got the job.

Q:How do you know what to look at considering Fox is bringing in everybody new?

Coach Jackson:I have looked at Denver, I looked at everything, Florida, and I'm sure they looked at what I have done too, so its okay. I think we all know the game, they've looked at what I have done, and I looked at what they have done, everything, whether it's from Carolina to New Orleans, to wherever, and I'm sure they have done the same. We are all doing our extra homework preparing, but I think when it comes down to it, our teams have to go play, its about the teams, its not going to be about John Fox or Hue Jackson.

Q:When you look at the strengths and the question marks on the team to you regard your safeties Huff and Branch as strengths?

Coach Jackson:Yes I do, I mean they are two of our veteran players who I expect to play well. Obviously there was a big time play by Tyvon last game, getting an interception. Mike has had some good plays early in the year. We're just looking for consistency all around, throughout this football team, we need to be a consistent playing football team.

Q:Do you think Branch is the complete package against the run and the pass?

Coach Jackson:I think he can do it, I truly do.

Q:How much more manageable is it to orchestrate a practice with a 53-man roster as opposed to a 80-man roster?

Coach Jackson:It's much more manageable, it's very conducive to our environment. Obviously, having a bunch of guys is a good thing, managing injuries and those things, but now that when you're heading into the season, getting ready to play a game, I think it's easier when you have a smaller group to work with and work through and prepare because obviously the guys that out there now are the guys truly playing in the game, the guys who are competing on Monday night are here. They are going through the preparation, the practice reps to go play the game. So that makes it much easier.

Q: How much more restrictions from the league this year how much contact is allowed in the league, will that change much on what you would of done anyway? Are you trying to keep your team fresh anyway?

Coach Jackson: I'm a coach that likes to keep our team fresh but I'm also a coach that understands you got to do the fundamental things to make sure you're ready to go.  Block and tackling is a big part of the sport. It's going to be different. It's going to be different not being able to wear pads but one time a week but everybody is that way. So to me the team that can get their team to understand that and practice at a high tempo whether you're in pads or not, they're going to be the teams that plays pretty well.

Q: So you're saying you can't waste a practice?

Coach Jackson: Absolutely you can't waste a rep or practice or anything. So again it's making sure the teams understand the limitations that we have and being able to work through them. 

Q: What's the next step for Jacoby this year?

Coach Jackson:To take the next step. I think Jacoby is a very gifted young player and again he needs to go prove it again this year. It's about consistency.  He's done some great things in practice obviously watching him in the game last week it's like he hasn't missed a step. I think he's ready to play and I'm looking forward to watching him play.

Q: Is he one of those guys that as a play caller any way you can get him the ball you want to try to do?

Coach Jackson: We have quite a few guys that way and that makes it fun. You know again, I'm looking forward to Monday night. We've got some guys that can play and we need to let them play. 

Q: Maybe the Raiders scouting reports didn't have this, but it seemed like a lot of the stuff on Ford when he came out was really explosive, hands just okay, but boy it seems like he never has had a problem in that area since he's been here. 

Coach Jackson: He's a good player, I'm glad we have him. He's done some tremendous things and I'm expecting big things from him as we continue to move forward. 

Q: Did he exceed what you thought you had last year for a fourth round draft pick? Did you expect what he did?

Coach Jackson: I did, because that's what I've seen in practice. You know that what I keep telling you guys what happens in practice and what happens in games are the key indicators for a player. And what he was doing at practice he turned around and started doing at the game. Next thing you look up and he's becoming a household name, so he has talent. And again you just have to do it consistently over time and you become what is considered one of the better players in this league. 

Q: Did you make the decision on punt returner yet?

Coach Jackson: No, I have not. Yeah, we still are several days away from that but I think we're getting closer to it.   

Q: How exciting is it for you to have so many home-run hitters? You've got guys that can score from anywhere on the field, several guys.

Coach Jackson:You see me smiling, right? I'm very happy, very excited about our football team. I mean, this is the team I envisioned that we had the capability of being when this thing all started  The fun part is now they're all healthy, almost all healthy for the most part out here running around. So you get to play with them a little bit, find out if these guys are what I know they are. They're starting to showcase that and now it's time to take it to a game. We got a big game on Monday night and we're all looking forward to it. 

Q: When you talk to your team, do you refer to last year 6-0 record against the AFC West teams or is there absolutely no carry over?

Coach Jackson:No carry over. Last year was last year, different everything. So I think the slate is clean just like our record is clean. We're 0-0. This team in Denver is a good football team coached by a very good coach. We need to prepare and get ourselves ready to play. But our players have to show up and play like they can play come Monday night. 

Q: Coach, you're a big motivational techniques guy. Some guys like putting things in people's locker saying good job or you did good, other people like to take the team to water parks that type of thing?

Coach Jackson:I'm big on anything that's going to help us win a football game.  I will do all those things you just mentioned if I think that's what I think it takes to win the game. But I have a little bit of everything. I mean, I think that wearing this hat, that's what you've got to have. You got to be able to motivate, lead, discipline, demand and make sure they get it done. So I think a lot of that will be on display as we go through this year.

Q: You're not going to refer to last year at all, you made that very clear, but from their perspective you went in there to their place and just put a huge beating on them. Can you expect to get their best because of that?

Coach Jackson:Oh I think we're going to get their best anyway. I just think it's a new year, I don't think their players are talking about last year. I think the media is talking about last year. I think they're talking about this year and just rightfully so, just like we should be talking about this year. What happened last year happened last year. We're going there as a team that's excepting to get their best shot and they're going to get our best shot. So we're going to line up and play and Monday night is going to be fun. 

Q: What's one of those techniques you saw that worked in the past?

Coach Jackson: I think there's too many to talk about, too many that have worked. 

Q: What's one that struck you? Coach Jackson:One that struck me, let's talk about that as the week moves forward.

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