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Coach Jackson Sunday Transcript


Coach Jackson: How are we doing? What another great day of work, as I told the team last night; these guys continue to amaze me that way. They come out and they compete. I mean there are plays being made all over the field by so many different guys; offense, defense, and that is what you are looking for. I thought it was a very spirited practice on a beautiful Sunday here in Napa and I think our players are excited about getting to meetings and watching this tape so we can continue to grow.

Q: So as you try to sort out the offensive line, is there a time table that you have to get that core group so you can get that chemistry going?

Coach Jackson: Obviously you would like to have it as soon as you can, but still we are still teaching our system, still teaching our offense, still pieces that are…. you know some guys that are still nicked up about a little bit, so once we get everybody back out there, I think obviously that the thing we want to do is have it as fast as we can, but if it means that we have to wait a little while longer to make sure we put the best players out there, I am not opposed to doing that. You know, but eventually we will get there. We don't play Denver until the 12th, that is when we definitely have to make sure that offense is ready to go, but I think pretty soon we will be able to put together a group that we feel very comfortable with.

Q: Is (Stefen) Wisniewski more comfortable at guard since he played last year in college at all, I know he got a lot of work out there today?

Coach Jackson: Yeah, I mean obviously he has played both guard and center. Again I am just trying to again keep finding the right pieces as you continue to watch the tape each and every night and see what is going to be are best fit for him because I think he is very tremendous player. We drafted the right guy, he has all the qualities that we were looking for. He is everything I thought he would be and he has to be up there somewhere. If it is not at center obviously he has the capability of playing guard. So again he is a real good football player and I am glad that he is here with us.

Q: Chris Johnson hurt?

Coach Jackson: C.J., no, no he is not hurt. Again it was a coach's decision and I get to make those decisions. Take guys off, give them a little time, and see where they are. We have been running them pretty good as you see we throw the ball down the field here and our corners have to cover, but no he is fine.

Q: Hue, a lot of times teams start prepping for their season opener in the offseason, with having lost that have you started prepping for you opener yet and has it been different? Did you have to rush it more or what is it?

Coach Jackson: No, I prep from a scouting standpoint. Like you said during the off season, but it all still depends on where your team is. You know where we are as far as our installation, and what we need to accomplish. I think we are getting closer to what my vision is on offense, defense, and special teams. And as we get that it is still about us. It will not be about the opener until we play that opponent, and as I keep telling you opponents to us are faceless objects. So you know it is really about us; about where we are and can we withstand the demand that I put on us offensively, defensively, and special teams to be able to handle that first regular season game, and I think we are making progress towards that goal.

Q: After the game you talked about the defense, you liked what you saw but you wanted the younger players to rise up with the next step; what are those tangibles that you want to see from some of those guys?

Coach Jackson: Well I want to see those guys start to make plays. We have playmakers all over this football team, and some of those young guys now need to rise up and make plays. I think some of those young secondary guys, that was the first time for them. Being in a big game, in our stadium against a different opponent other than the guys they play against every day. So now that is out that way, and now we go on to the second preseason game, and I expect to see improvement. Again as we always talk about just those guys, I expect to see improvement from our whole football team. I expect to see improvement from our coaching staff, from everything that we do, because now it is another dress rehearsal. The second opportunity and we need to get better.

Q: Social media, the way it is today and you have fans out, does that change the way you kind of go about your practice or you just keep it a little bit vanilla?

Coach Jackson: No, these are our fans, you know and I hope that are fans are about us, and we need to appeal to them just as they appeal to us. We are in this thing together. It is great to see so many people out here representing us, great to see so many people out here screaming for our players, coaches, and for our organization. I think that is what it is truly all about. I mean could there be somebody that infiltrated the practice; maybe, I don't know, but they can't get it all. I know that much because there is too much football that we have done in order for somebody to do that, but I would hope all of our fans are really truly about this team and about what we are trying to accomplish.

Q: You know with Hiram (Eugene) out, how much more important now is the role of the gunner?

Coach Jackson: I think it is very important because I think Shane (Lechler) depends on those guys to go down there and make plays for him. And I think we have some very young talented players and some veteran players that can do it. We will see how that unfolds but obviously it is a job. It is a job that guys are fighting for. They want that job. They want that opportunity, because we know how important it is to our football team.

Q: Basically your key receivers are out right now, how is that going to affect your chemistry out there because obviously this is the time you want them out there working with Jason (Campbell)?

Coach Jackson: Honestly, I think it will be fine. Those guys have spent so much time from what I have gathered in the off season together. They were here for the first part of training camp. Obviously you wish you had them every day, but I am not going to worry about it. Those guys are pros. They work hard. They know what we expect. They are in meetings every day. They are out in walk throughs. I told you those guys will make it back sooner than everybody thinks. And when they do I think they will hit the ground running and they will be fine.

Q: Can you talk about Denarius Moore a little bit and your impressions of him?

Coach Jackson: [Laughs]. Do I have to talk about that young man? It goes without question what he's doing. For me to talk about it; there is no reason to. I'm so excited about all of our young talented players with DeMarcus Van Dyke and Denarius Moore. We have some young, skilled players. I could go on and on with [David] Ausberry, Richard Gordon, [Stefen] Wisniewski, and [Joseph] Barksdale. They are all doing a tremendous job considering we've been doing this for three weeks and these guys are all showing up. Not just one of them, but all of them. All of you get to see his [Denarius Moore] plays because he jumps over people, makes all these spectacular catches, and runs with punts. Let me tell you that those guys in the trenches with Barksdale and Wisniewski are getting it done. I'm excited about all of our young players and I'm looking forward to watching them play again this weekend.

Q: Tommy Hill and Joseph Barksdale went at it pretty good today during the player drills. What do you think about it? 

Coach Jackson: I'm alright with it because that's competing. I'm going to make our players get better every day and I don't know any other way to do that. I think our players have bought into that environment. They say that iron sharpens iron and the more you work at it, it will get hot and testy. They all love and respect each other when they go into the locker room. But, out there between the lines, there's a job to be done and I think they understand what it takes to get it done. 

Q: With regards to Wisniewski and Samson [Satele], are their things that Samson does physically better than Stefen or does Samson have a better grasp of the playbook? 

Coach Jackson: No, that's not it at all. There's one thing about Samson that he's played in a lot of games and it's the experience. It is not a physical situation where he's better than Stefen or that Stefen is lacking something. My goal as the head coach is to put the best players on the field. Stefen Wisniewski and Samson Satele are some of our best players, so however that unfolds with the rest of the group, it will unfold. But I'm glad we have all of these guys on our team right now. It is showing each and every day and credit to our line coaches because they are doing a fabulous job. I'm happy with where we are headed. We're not there yet and I'll be the first to tell you that, but we are working at it each and every day. 

Q: Is Jared Veldheer set in the lineup right now? 

Coach Jackson: I think so. He's our left tackle but again, if I see a need to put somebody someplace else to make us stronger and better, I will. We are not opposed to anything because we are about winning. We'll do whatever it takes to be successful on offense, to win, and play at an even higher level that we did last year. Is he our left tackle right now? No doubt he is. He's very good at it but the thing I like about those guys is that they will do whatever it takes to ensure victory. All they want to do is play and win. 

Q: Is it important to have that versatility on your line? 

Coach Jackson: No doubt. We do a lot of different things. I think you guys have seen what we brought here last year and that we move our linemen around. One guy might start at right tackle, you look up, and he's over on the left side. Another guy may start at left tackle, you look up and he's on the other side. So, you have to have that versatility to play in our system. It's something that I love to do because it gives us an advantage and I think our players love to do it. They have done it well. 

Q: Do you feel you are deep enough at outside linebacker right now? 

Coach Jackson: Right now, I'm okay. As I keep telling you, we're going to continue to look for better players that we can continue to infuse into this team. Right now, I feel okay with where we are and I think our guys are learning and growing. Our young players, since that's who you're referring to, are getting better and they are taking coaching. We'd all like to have the best players in the league at every position if we can but sometimes it doesn't happen that way. 

Q: Does it help that [Darryl] Blackstock understands Chuck Bresnahan's demands? 

Coach Jackson: Yes, I think that he knows what Chuck is looking for and then he's been in the room with us to understand what the vision for the defense of this football team, so he plays to that. I think the biggest thing about what we're creating here is that there is not just a system of Chuck Bresnahan of defense, but there's a mentality by which you have to play with. You play for the Raiders and I think guys are grasping that. It's tough out there every day and it's not easy. Our guys have bought into that and I keep telling you we are going to be a team that's tough and rough. That will be on display this season; there's no question about it. 

Q: Do you have a lot of contact with Raiders Owner Al Davis? 

Coach Jackson: Absolutely. This is his football team and he lets me drive the engine. I talk to him all the time about what we are doing, where we are, what we are, and where we are getting to. This team has made a lot of strides and I really want them faster, but it's been three weeks. I give him my input, he listens; he gives me his input, I listen and on we march. It's about working together and the best way to do that is to communicate. We do that and we do it well. 

Q: Any update on Mike Mitchell and Taiwan Jones? 

Coach Jackson: Again, those guys are still under evaluation. I'll let you know as we get closer to getting those guys back out here. 

Q: Did Desmond Bryant break a hand? 

Coach Jackson: He has something going on with it. I'm not entirely sure what it is but we'll continue to look at it. Obviously, he can still move with it so it's not stopping him or not enabling him to practice. He's doing well and I'm excited because these guys are giving me something when I ask for it. The team is getting better and that's what I think about every day in regards to how I can do that. We are leaning toward our goal so that we can be ready to play the opener.

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