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Coach Jackson Thanksgiving Transcript


Q: You got (T.J.) Houshmandzadeh back?

Coach Jackson: Well, his wife had a baby. He's fine. Other than that, that was really it with the medical.

Q: (Denarius) Moore came out, the boot's off I guess?

Coach Jackson: The boot's off. He's making some progress and we'll kind of see where he is. He didn't do much today. But we'll see where he is. Hopefully, we'll get him back tomorrow and get a feel for where he is.

A: How about DHB, did he practice?

Coach Jackson: He did a couple of things. He ran around a little bit, caught some balls and did some things. Again, we'll monitor him. I just kind of want to see how he feels tomorrow. Obviously, when you run around like that now, you're going to end up being sore tomorrow. So, we'll see where all that is and go from there.

Q: Do the Bears do a lot of things to try to confuse you defensively or are they just one of these…"we line up in our Tampa 2, Rod Marinelli, Lovie Smith defense and we're just going to use our guys and beat you."

Coach Jackson: Yeah, they are what they are. They line up, they play, they play hard. I don't think they do a lot. They do what they feel it takes to defeat the team that they're playing. They're a good football team and very structured with what they do, but they play extremely hard and extremely fast.

Q: (Sebastian) Janikowski was not on the injured list this week, the first time in a while. He's fine?

Coach Jackson: Yeah, I think we've turned the corner a little bit. We'll know exactly once we kick him, I still want to be patient with his leg and make sure there's not an opportunity to have a setback. But I think we're getting better and getting closer to where he needs to be.

Q: Talking a lot about the home record and the road record, how important is it to get off to a fast start in front of the home crowd?

Coach Jackson: The most important thing, I think, is to win. We've gotten off to fast starts. The Denver game, we were winning at half time the last time we played there. I don't know if it's the fast start more so than to win the game. What we need to do is win for our fans and for our football team and just to keep pace with what we're trying to accomplish.

Q: I saw Tyvon (Branch) fielding a couple kickoffs which he did as a rookie, could you use him in that role?

Coach Jackson: I'll use whoever that can return a ball if we don't have the guys back there that can. Again, we have to cover all bases and I think myself and the staff do a good job of that. Just making sure that if something comes up we have plan A, B, C ready in case things don't go the way we want them to.

Q: Do you know Coach (Lovie) Smith personally?

Coach Jackson: Yes, I do.

Q: How would you describe the stamp that he has put on the Chicago Bears since he's been there?

Coach Jackson:  He's been there eight years, right? He's done a great job. I mean a Super Bowl, he's won that conference, obviously he's won the division. He's done a tremendous job. I have a lot of respect for him. I've always looked up to him because he's one of the guys who've paved the way for guys like me to have an opportunity in this league. So I thank him for that. But obviously he'll be on the other side of the field this weekend and he has a good football team and we think we have a good football team, so we're looking forward to a big time game.

Q: Anything new with McFadden or Ford?

Coach Jackson: No, not at this point. Same old, same old. Same status quo and again, we'll see if we can get anything out of either one of them tomorrow. I know Jacoby is definitely out of the boot. I know that without a doubt he is and I know we're making a lot of progress with both guys. But is it enough progress to stick them out there to play, l don't know that yet.

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