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Coach Jackson Thursday


Head Coach Hue Jackson took questions from the media.

Q: Will you share with us who is going to return punts?

Coach Jackson: No. You know I'm not going to do that.

Q: Have the Jets told you?

Coach Jackson: No, they don't tell me. I don't [know] just yet, I haven't looked to see. [Laughs] I haven't looked to see yet.  

Q: Can you give us one of those 'Where is Waldo pictures' so we can pick out where [everyone is going to play]?

Coach Jackson: [Laughs] I like it, I like it. I think we'll get closer to that tomorrow.

Q: How is [Kevin] Boss looking and do you think he will play this week? He was full participation…

Coach Jackson: I think so, I mean, he's done some good things, he's out there, and he's healthier. He's made some plays in practice. He's done some good things, so we'll see where we are as we continue to move forward during the week. 

Q: How important is that to add him? I mean you brought him in…

Coach Jackson: Obviously, the injury kind of sidetracked it early but I he is back up and running. Obviously, the chemistry between him, Jason [Campbell] and the rest of the group is what is important to make sure that we keep that consistency going. But, he's done some good things in practice and I think he is ready to go.

Q: These next games are against the Jets and the Patriots. How much of that will go into you figuring out who this team is?

Coach Jackson: I think I have a pretty good idea who we are. I think what it will show is where we are. Obviously, the Jets, they were in the AFC Championship game the last two years and have done a great job. The team [the Patriots], we will talk about next week, we know who they are. The most important thing is this football team and this football team has to go finish games, do the things that we need to do to continue to get better, become more consistent in everything that we do, and I think our guys are up to that challenge. 

Q: [Antonio] Cromartie and [Darrelle] Revis are always the topic of discussion when you go up against the Jets, but what type of challenges do the front seven present?

Coach Jackson: Oh, they are good. Revis and Cromartie make their front seven very good because they are good cover guys, which gives those guys a chance to get home. When you can cover and create pressure, obviously, it is tough. It is a tremendous challenge for our offensive football team, but if we are the kind of offense I think we are and what we're becoming, we'll look forward to it. It is going to be a tremendous battle, they are good, and we think we have a chance to be pretty good, so it's going to be a lot of fun.

Q: Would a game like this be a game where Campbell gets the latitude to audible more often?

Coach Jackson: We are going to play our offense. This game doesn't make it any different than any other game, that's just how we play. Our quarterback is an extension of me and we are trying to do everything we can to score points every chance we can. So, he has the opportunity to get us in and out of bad plays all the time so it's not going to be just because of this game. It's just the nature of what we do.

Q: The last time the Jets were here, there's a glaring image of [Mark] Sanchez. As I'm watching it, I'm saying to myself, 'He's doing this in the middle of a game?'

Coach Jackson: I talked about it yesterday, so I can't go back through it. I think I've commented on it enough. I know Mark and Mark is a good young man and a good quarterback in this league. Last year, I had my fun with it and I'm going to leave it alone today. I've got to move on to something else.

Q: You talked in training camp about how Rolando McClain could be great. Where is he in terms of that right now?

Coach Jackson: I think he's doing some good things, but he'll be the first to tell you he needs to play better and he needs to get this defensive unit where he knows that on every play, from a consistency standpoint, that everybody is doing everything they can to make sure the offensive team gets stopped. I mean, obviously, I'm sure we are referring to a week ago and no one is happy with that. But, I think this young man, again take it day by day, week by week, and here's the next week and I think he will be up for the challenge.

Q: The tight end for the Bills caught a lot of passes and now you have a guy coming off a pretty big game for the Jets. What kind of challenges…

Coach Jackson: It's a tremendous challenge; Dustin Keller can play. He's a good player, he's a real good receiver, and he has that chemistry with his quarterback. His quarterback trusts him and puts the ball in spots where he can make plays. He's definitely somebody we have to pay attention to and make sure we get him slowed down.

Q: Was there a problem with the tight end coverage last week?

Coach Jackson: No. I think it was just tight end coverage but we need to continue to get better overall, period.

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