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Coach Jackson Thursday


Head Coach Hue Jackson

Q: Do you think it's going to be much longer with Jason [Campbell] not getting out here before you're looking to maybe putting him on IR [injured reserve] and getting another roster spot?

Coach Jackson: No, I mean, I have a plan. I have a plan for Jason and so we'll just continue to exercise that. I knew, as I told you guys when it all happened, I thought maybe it could be a little bit longer than what everybody thought and it has taken some time, but that's okay. I think we're in a pretty good shape as far as that's concerned, so we'll just continue to move forward and stick with the plan that way.

Q: Is he about another week out?

Coach Jackson: I don't know that either [laughs]. Again anytime I guess on where a guy is it ends up not being correct, so I'd rather just – like I said, when they get back out here, they'll get back out here. So, that's all we can do and that's all I'm going to worry about.

Q: Chris Johnson is back. How tough is this going to be on him to concentrate now to play a football game after...?

Coach Jackson: I think some people like to mourn a different way and I think some guys like to be around their teammates, back to playing football because it takes your mind away from that. It was great to see him here and I know he's having a tough day, but one thing about him he's tough. He's got his brothers here to lean on. The whole team – we're going to wrap our arms around him and take care of him and love on him and see if we can get him to be where he needs to be while he helps us attain our goal, which is winning a football game.

Q: Hue, Jacoby [Ford] and Denarius [Moore] are both watching practice today. Is there a reason that Darren [McFadden] is not here or is he just still doing his rehab process?

Coach Jackson: Still doing his rehab process. Yeah, he's out here sometimes too. I don't think you've just had an opportunity to see him. He was not out here today, that's true, but he normally comes out and watches practice too, and takes in what he can. But, he's been more involved in meetings, he's been more involved with everything. So I know we're getting closer, but I just don't have exactly the hour, the time, or the date that that's going to happen.

Q: How do you determine which injured players travel? I noticed Jacoby was on the last trip…

Coach Jackson: Jacoby was on the trip for a different reason. Yeah, he had gone before the team went. So yeah, he just ended up coming back with the team and was there at the game. So that's what that was all about. Yeah, there was something else he needed to take care of himself in his hometown and that's what he did.

Q: Is he ahead of Moore and McFadden? Is he like the first one up to come back?

Coach Jackson: I don't know that. Yeah, I really don't. I'm being honest when I tell you guys – I don't know anymore and I'm not frustrated by it because I can't be. This is the hand we've been dealt and it's been this way now for a while. What we've got to do is keep playing. We've got to find a way to keep getting better and keep pushing and that's all we're going to do. I keep telling you guys we're not going to make any excuses. I'm not going to; I'm not going to let this team make them. We're going to play and we need to get better defensively, offensively and special teams and that's what we're looking forward to doing.

Q: Schematically, how would you describe the Green Bay defense?

Coach Jackson: They are a team that is multiple in fronts, they're multiple in coverages and I think what they do is they come and attack what you do. I think Coach [Dom] Capers does a great job. Obviously, the guy's been doing this for so long and I know people talk about their defense and what they aren't. But, what I see is what they are. They're still making plays and making enough plays to win games and at the end of the day, that's all anybody is trying to do is win a football game.

Q: One thing, Hue, that they've done all season is outscore everybody they've faced and as an offensive guy, I know you're concentrating on what your football team has to do. But do you look on the other side and marvel a little bit that what they've been able to do, especially Aaron Rodgers at quarterback?

Coach Jackson: I do and I'm very – that's what any offense aspires to be. Very explosive and have those kinds of players, and that's what I believe we are. I think when we have all of our horses up and running too, I think we can be that kind of offense that can score from anywhere, anytime, anyplace. But I'm very envious because I know what we can be too, but they've done a great job. Aaron's done a great job, Coach [Mike] McCarthy does a great job and we've got to slow them down. At the end of the day, that's our number one job. We've got to get this team slowed down.

Q: How do you do that?

Coach Jackson: You start attacking. I mean that's what you have to do play one until the game is over and we don't stop. When I say that, there a lot of different ways of doing that. It's not just blitzing every play. It's making sure that we're smart, put our eyes on our work, handle our business, we become very physical, and we do everything we can to make them one-dimensional and slow that football team down.

Q: You've got to believe that everybody has a weakness and they can be stopped, but no one has been able to prove that thus far against the Packers. Can Aaron Rodgers be stopped?

Coach Jackson: I think any team can be. I mean everybody – that's been proven. To go 16-0 in the regular season is unbelievable and if they can accomplish that goal, obviously they'd be considered one of the best that there's been. But, they are playing the Raiders this week. We're going to show up and we're going to be ready to play. They have a goal, we have a goal too – we need to get back to winning, so something's going to give one way or the other. So, it's going to be fun to see.

Q: Is there any motivation to be gained from trying to take down an unbeaten team ordo you just have so much going on on your own plate with staying in the playoff race and all that?

Coach Jackson: Well, I think everything is involved in that as we're trying to stay in the playoff race and win this division. But also, we're playing against a team that's 12-0 and considered the best in football, and they should be, because that's what they are right now. So, I think there's a lot of motivation for this football team. We're going to get the taste out of our mouth from last week, we need to go back and play good, we need to go back and play on the road because as I told you as this thing goes, we're fortunate enough to get into the playoffs, then at some point, you're going to have to play on the road. So you've got to learn how to do all those things and do them well. So, I think there's a lot of opportunities here for this football team to continue to grow in so many different areas. But boy, what a tremendous challenge and what a tremendous opportunity for us.

Q: A guy like [Jermichael] Finley lines up in four or five different spots. In your time in the league, how much harder is it for safeties in this league to deal with all that kind of stuff?

Coach Jackson:Oh, it's hard because sometimes it's a safety, sometimes because of where they put him it might need to be the linebacker. He's just really good at what he does and he's a tremendous player and we've got great respect for him, but we've played against a pretty good tight end too all the time in this division also – [Antonio] Gates. Not comparing those two, but they're kind of similar that way. They do a lot of different things, they move these guys around. Obviously, Finley's having a tremendous season and he's a tremendous football player. Again, another guy that's a challenge for this team that we need to go get slowed down.

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