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Coach Knapp Media Session

On having WR Denarius Moore back: "He's making good strides. Definitely there is a comfort zone with Carson and him. They acquired that during last season so getting him back would definitely be helpful for us especially when third downs come up and you get a lot of man coverage. He's a very good route runner and great separation."

On if there is carryover of the chemistry from last season despite missing time: "There's some. We don't want to play him the full game. You can't do that, so you have to manage because he's been out for so long, but you try to pick your situations where there's more likely a chance for him to be involved and give him a chance to win in critical situations – 3rd downs, red zone, certain 1st and 2nd down calls."

On Miami defending the run: "Even the last three years with different staffs they've been in the top five, I believe, in rush defense. We do have our work cut out this week with the run game. We certainly believe in what we do in the run game and we have, like you mentioned, the first half was fine, but the second half…It's going to be a tough challenge; there's no doubt about it. Those guys they have up front, Cameron Wake, I cannot pronounce Paul's name, Soliai…very tough inside. They've always been very stout in the run game."

On if they get off blocks and do fundamental things: "They're stout. They're very strong. Carlos Dansby is now the new guy in charge as the Mike linebacker from Arizona and he's doing a good job of getting them in the right spots to get them to take away the angles."

On centers Alex Parsons and Stefen Wisniewski being similar: "They are because of experience. They both are the same age and really experience at center in the NFL. So because of that we're getting a feel for who is moving faster, who is understanding the scheme faster. I mentioned this to you guys earlier, we really put a burden on our centers in the run game to target us right. They do the audibling if you will, so we don't have to audible as a quarterback to change plays out. We're getting a little bit of a growth going on with those two guys at that position, along with the ability to play center. It's very equal."

On their differences: "I think [Stefen] might be a little bit better of a run blocker and Alex is a bit more experienced in pass protection."

On how Moore impacts the offense scheme-wise: "Because we're not going to play him a whole lot, you have to be careful not to do too much, but he does bring something to the plate when it comes to one-on-one route running ability. It does expand…you can create a little more elusive routes, if you will, to help get him a chance to win in space. It's not a dramatic change, but it's enough to make a defense have to work a little bit more for you."

On if Moore takes some pressure of the other receivers: "It's not so much pressure off of them, it applies the pressure to the defense. They have to account for him more because of his ability."

On Moore helping other receivers stay fresh for whole game and why WR Juron Criner wasn't more involved: "It makes a big difference. He was coming off the injury and so he was an emergency guy for us. In fact, that was a game time decision just to make him active. He did good enough to be active because if we had gone to two receivers, we needed him to play. You're exactly right; to bring a healthy receiver back into the mix will help that rotation and keep everyone fresh, especially in Miami where it's going to be hot and humid."

On playing in a hostile environment: "It'll be a good challenge. I feel very relaxed because of Carson. I have an experienced quarterback. If it was a young quarterback, inexperienced, it does make for a little more challenging play calling, but with Carson and his ability to see the defense, handle crowd noise, handle the group on the field, it's not as big an issue for us."

On RB Taiwan Jones' confidence after ball mishandles: "That's one of the things we've talked about, ball security is very important for us. To have two balls on the ground, whether it was a high pitch or the kickoff was unique, we have to great ball security. It wins and loses games so that's something we've stressed from day one to the team. That was an issue in the game. So he has to build some confidence back. He did get a little bruised rib, but he's doing okay, he went back to practice today, so he'll be fine. But it's part of a confidence issue."

On if RB Mike Goodson has his confidence back: "He's much more confident and you can see it on the field. He's cutting, making moves now, where he's feeling back to where he was before. It took a little bit longer to come back because it was a very dramatic hit, but he's back to being full strength now."

On number of passes to RB Darren McFadden: "Yeah, it wasn't by design, but I told Carson the next day that I was very proud of him because that's one of things where he came from an offense where maybe the backs weren't used as much. We didn't design plays to go there but if they take away the deeper routes, then take the check downs and good things will happen. It almost happened at the end of that game where we threw a check down and Darren almost scores on the left sideline coming down and then shortly the one that almost finished at the one. Those type of plays will pay big dividends as the season goes on because we're not forcing the ball down the field and we're getting the ball in somebody's hands that can make a lot of big plays, so it was a very good positive from a team standpoint that Carson went through that because that's one of the new things for him to learn in our offense."

On McFadden's workload: "Number of plays in a row. We're going to keep a specific pattern rotation going, which I'm not going to tell you. But there will be a pattern that says he won't go x-amount of plays to help keep him fresh throughout the game."

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