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Coach Olson Media Session

Q: In terms of the preparation this week, how difficult is it not knowing who might be able to play? Do you have two different game plans?

Coach Olson: Based on how the game went, we obviously knew when we got back on the plane that that might be the situation. We put together two different packages at this point.

Q: Was it encouraging to see Terelle Pryor on the field today?

Coach Olson: Yes, obviously.

Q: Does he need to be out there in full tomorrow in order to participate on Sunday?

Coach Olson: We'll decide that with Coach Allen. We'll make that decision as a staff and as an organization. Safety is first with whatever decision we make, but we'll decide that as a staff.

Q: Does the fact that the Redskins defense is struggling a little bit influence your decision to say maybe this would be a week to let him rest?

Coach Olson: No, I really don't think you can think that way on any given weekend in the NFL. They've struggled, but they've also played two really great quarterbacks in Matt Stafford and Aaron Rodgers. You look at the teams they've played and they are some explosive offensive teams. I think they got caught by surprise in the opening game against Philadelphia. It was Philadelphia's first game with the no-huddle. When you look at the teams they've played, you can understand a little bit. The other thing, really, in each one of those three games they've come out with three separate game plans. You're kind of planning for the unexpected somewhat. They tried to settle down against Detroit last week, in a completely different game plan than the first two weeks with their personnel. They have some talented people on defense. Every week is a challenge, so I don't think you would ever take any team lightly no matter their personnel or record.

Q: How different has Matt Flynn looked at practice these last two days?

Coach Olson: His arm looks fresher. That probably jumps out to everybody; that his arm looks fresher. His arm is certainly must fresher.

Q: How different are the game plans for Flynn versus Terrelle? Is there a big difference?

Coach Olson: There are a few tweaks here and there. You have the option of some of the things we're doing with Terrelle in the run game, but, to be honest with you, since Terrelle's taken over, we've done some of those things with Matt when he gets reps, he's done some of those things and he's comfortable with that. He's obviously not the athlete that Terrelle is, but as far as knowing when to pull the ball and when to hand it off, he's good at that.

Q: Is Brian Orakpo a guy you have to account for at all times?

Coach Olson: Yeah, we think both he and (Ryan) Kerrigan are elite rushers there. We have to be aware of those guys. They create matchup issues. They did last week in Detroit, and I'm sure Detroit wasn't prepared for the plan that Washington gave them. I would believe that Washington probably felt pretty good about the plan. When you look at the score, even late into the third quarter, they were doing some good things. They did what they wanted to do: they wanted to limit Detroit's rushing game and they did that with that plan. But yes, two quality defensive rush ends, rush linebackers, whatever you want to call them. They do create matchup issues.

Q: Was it nice for you for you to see Denarius Moore have a consistent game?

Coach Olson: Yeah, that was good. We just have to find a way to be more consistent and start faster. You can't start the way that we did against a Peyton Manning-led team like that. We're searching for more consistency. The more consistency in our base-run plan. We're still finding out about the players that we have in reference to who we have playing up front. We missed Lucas Nix again last week, so we had a different guy in there. We're still finding out what Tony Pashos does and what Khalif Barnes can do on the left side, as opposed to the right side most of his career. We've got to find more consistency there.

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