Coach Sparano: "It was great work"


Opening Statement: **"Injuries today: Larry Asante did not practice today, he's going to be out; Tarell Brown was limited today, he's questionable; Chimdi Chekwa was full today, he's probable; Andre Holmes was full today, he's probable; Brian Leonhardt did not practice, he's out; Denarius Moore did not practice, he's out; Pat Sims was limited today, he's questionable; Neiko Thorpe was full today, he's probable; Menelik Watson did not practice, he's out; and Sio Moore did not practice today and he's questionable."

Q: How much was Tarell Brown able to do today?

Coach Sparano:"I mean, it was a red zone day today and a short yardage day today he was able to do whatever we needed him to do at that point. We didn't ask him to do a whole lot, but he was able to do enough."

Q: Will the decision be a game time decision?

Coach Sparano:"I would say so, yeah. We'll see."

Q: Did Sio Moore have a setback?

Coach Sparano:"He didn't practice. He just has that – he's had a little hip soreness there, so I kept him out of practice today, but it was sore."

Q: With only four linebackers on the active roster, would you like to add some depth there?

Coach Sparano:"We'll see what we do. We'll see what we do here in the next little while here."

Q: The last four games they gave up a lot of yards on the ground. Is it your experience that when a team is struggling against the run, that they will change their scheme or ideas or just try to get their fundamentals better?

Coach Sparano:"No, I mean I think it's more of a fundamental thing probably when you look at it. I'm sure that they believe it's a fundamental thing. I spent time with [Chiefs defensive coordinator] Bob Sutton with the Jets and Bob's a heck of a football coach and does a good job coaching fundamentals. I'm sure it all goes back to fundamentals. Schematically, those guys have been darn good from a scheme standpoint and they present a lot of problems. I'm sure he's going to look at it and think it's got to be taken care of from a fundamental standpoint and technique standpoint. Like I said, I think they'll go back, they'll look at our last ball game and I'm sure they think that there are a couple things there fundamentally that weren't done the right way and if we just clean those things up maybe we'll have a different game."

Q: Where does Arrowhead Stadium rank as far as toughest place to play?

Coach Sparano:"Honestly, in my experience, it has to be up there in the top couple toughest places to play. Now I've been fortunate to go in there and play some games there and come out OK, but I've also been on the other side of that thing as an assistant coach a few times. The environment is great. It's a great place for football. They have passionate fans just like ours and they get after it down there. It's a loud place, as you know, it's really a tough place to play and you never know what you're going to get weather wise out there. Today was probably a pretty good day to be outside."

Q: Are you a big barbeque guy?

Coach Sparano:"I am a big barbeque guy actually. I've heard of a couple spots, so maybe we'll see. Get a little of that the night before."

Q: You had the buses outside today. Did you have thoughts of going off-site?

Coach Sparano:"We had the alternate plan ready to go and I just needed to make the decision this morning and we took a look at it, kind of through meetings I poked my head out there a little bit and I had a couple people checking on it for me. It looked like we were going to get a good enough pocket in there to be able to get the practice in here and not have to go to the alternate site so that we can be a little bit more efficient that way. It was good for us to be able to throw, catch and do all those things with the wet ball out there today too. It wasn't bad. Our guys don't mind practicing in that. This is a pretty easy group."

Q: So it was good work?

Coach Sparano:"It was great work, yeah. Great work."

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