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Coach Sparano's Final Thoughts on San Diego


Opening Statement: **"Okay, injuries today: David Ausberry, did not practice, he's out; Khalif Barnes was full today, he's probable; TJ Carrie was limited today, he's questionable; Chimdi Chekwa was full today, he's probable; Jonathan Dowling did not practice, he's out; DJ Hayden was full today, he's probable; Gabe Jackson did not practice, he's out; Jamize Olawale was full today and he's probable; Carlos Rogers did not practice today, he's out; Justin Tuck was limited today, he's questionable; and Menelik Watson was full today, he's probable."

Q: Is there any consideration of putting David Ausberry on injured reserve?

Coach Sparano:"Well, we'll see. We'll see what we need to do here, but obviously there has been quite some time that has passed right now. If we need to do something down the road, [General Manager] Reggie [McKenzie] and I will discuss it and see where we are right now, but it's been a while here. We'll see what happens."

Q: Will the offensive line remain with the obvious guys, Khalif Barnes at left guard, Menelik Watson at right tackle?

Coach Sparano:"Yes."

Q: Rod Streater was eligible to practice yesterday. Do you have a timetable for when he might be able to start?

Coach Sparano:"No, no timetable right now. You've seen him out there today probably working a little bit with the trainers. He's done a nice job so far, so we've just got to – it's another one of those things kind of like DJ [Hayden]. At the time, you've got to kind of wait and see that the guy is ready to go when that timeline comes around, we've still got some time yet, so we'll see how that goes."

Q: Was today his first day getting out on the field on the side?

Coach Sparano:"He's been with the trainers, but I think today might have been the first day he had been out there when you guys were out there."

Q: The defense has gotten more pressure the last couple weeks. Why do you think that is? What have you seen on film?

Coach Sparano:"I just think honestly that we're learning a little bit more about one-on-one matchups. I think the guys have done a good job of stressing that. We've had some opportunities in the last few games here to create a little bit of pressure by winning one-on-one matchups. It's not always by bringing pressure, just guys winning one-on-one matchups inside a little bit more. But, some of that has to do with some of the pressure that we bring, some of the things that we show and don't bring. It can free up a few guys that way to get some pressure. I think our edge players are doing a little bit better job so far. If our edge players are doing a little bit better job and we keep pushing the pocket the way we're pushing the pocket, things will come to us and that's where I think we've been getting some pressure."

Q: Justin Tuck talked about if he had a good knee he felt he could have taken the interception the distance. Are you seeing him get better?

Coach Sparano:"Yeah, I'm seeing him get better. Obviously the thing this week was kind of a weird thing and we'll see how it is tomorrow. But, he did work today and I see him getting better and better. I could tell in that ball game. He had a factor play in that ball game every four plays that he played and he probably played I'll say around 45 plays in that game. So, there was some way, shape or form he factored into something, kind of going back to this question here, it might have been factoring by winning a one-on-one underneath which freed up somebody else, or making an interception, or getting his hands on the ball or affecting the quarterback. He was pretty active in the last ball game."

Q: In your years in the NFL, how often when playing on the road have the fans of the team you're coaching for been as audible as Raider fans will be at this game?

Coach Sparano:"Yeah, you know really, honestly, probably the place that I've been I've been around that's affected me the most that way was Dallas. I think in Dallas we traveled, they traveled quite well there. But, our fans outstanding, no matter where. Again, I said this a long time ago, I mean you're in London and our fans are tremendous. So, we fully expect that Raider Nation will be out there and it'll be loud and it'll be one of those games where maybe we get to share a little bit of that."

Q: Is Justin Tuck moving around a bit more than he has in the past? Coach Sparano:"Position, you mean like technique-wise? No, not really. I mean, we've used him in a couple different spots but not different than what he's done in the past. I remember being in Dallas and having to block Justin quite a bit. He'd be inside, he'd be playing the three technique in there or playing the shade in there and that was a real handful because that matchup is really hard on little guy, big guy and he's got speed and great hands. But, they've had him outside, they've had him inside, they've had him off the edges, so he's playing in some of the similar spots right now. The guy is a really smart player, understands a lot about what his opponent is going to do to him and tries to take advantage of those things."

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