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Coach Tarver Media Session

On the Chiefs: "Explosive running game, of course. [Jamaal] Charles is a heck of a back. Thought our guys did a good job on him last night and that's going to make them even more motivated so we have to swarm and get off of blocks and make sure we're knocking them back, not the other way around. Good running game. In the past few weeks, they've limited their turnovers and that's why they've improved a little bit, so we have to make sure we take the ball away and stop the run."

On differences between QB Matt Cassel and QB Brady Quinn: "Both quarterbacks do similar things in their offense. They're asked to manage the football game and pick a side and complete the ball and if nothing is there, they'll both tuck it and go. They're very similar in how they're used in that offense."

On Charles not being a big factor the last time the two teams met: "Well, we got ahead so then they had to adjust. That's what you have to do is adjust. Two of his carries got called back with holding penalties too, so there are two not in the books, but he had the ball more times. They did throw him the ball early in the game too. We rallied to him pretty good. He's a good weapon, so we're going to have to do it again and we're going to have to do it better because he's going to be even more motivated."

On Phillip Adams: "Adams competes in the pass game. He competes when you have to win your one-on-one matchup. It's one of the things we have to do a better job of, especially on third downs, is win our one-on-ones both rushing the quarterback and covering. He competes very well in the pass game. He needs to wrap up and tackle with his eyes up a little bit better; that's where he can improve. But he's competing in the pass game and continuing to finish. He's made plays on the ball. Of course he caught one and knocked himself out. We'd prefer if he doesn't knock himself out, but it was a heck of a catch. I hope he remembers it. I think we saved the ball for him; I'm not sure. But he competes in the pass game and that's the key."

On if they can take anything good from the injuries in the secondary against Denver: "Experience and see who is going to be scared of the lights and who's going to take advantage of their opportunity. All of our DBs have gotten on the field this year. In this process, where we are, we need to see which one of these guys is going to step up and make plays. That part is good. Now, continuity of course, it's always next man up and that's of course a coaching phrase and a phrase in life, but it gives you an opportunity to see these guys play and who it's too big for and who it's not."

On guys he wants to see more of this season: "There's some guys on our roster that have been improving in practice and learning the scheme. A lot of them got here within the year and when you don't have that training camp and off-season, within the year, it takes a minute to get some of that stuff. So there's a few we'd like to see. We'd like to see more reps out of the young defensive linemen that be in the rotation. Christo [Bilukidi] is getting better; he's a good example. At the linebacker position, Miles [Burris] and Phil [Wheeler] have played some. Continuing to evaluate Omar [Gaither] at base. Keenan Clayton has done some things on special teams. He's learning. Hopefully he can get some reps at times. Like I said, all the DBs have played so we'll continue to use all o f them."

On if bringing back core of the defense will help defense make big strides: "No question. What they're realizing, like the two minute drive at the end of the 2nd quarter against Peyton Manning, we got into some of the things that we do moving guys around and you saw we had free runners on the quarterback three or four times on that drive. With the change of personnel, now they're realizing what the scheme can do for them. It's been good. With a year under our belts and keeping as many of these guys as we can, it'll grow big time because now they understand, hey look, we have a couple calls, there's one call that's gotten three sacks and only five calls. So they like that call now."

On if he'll call that play more: "I'm not going to say when. Kansas City is listening. But sure yeah, we'll call it some more. That's what you do, right?"

On why he wanted to be part of Head Coach Dennis Allen's staff: "Honesty, knowledge, communication ability, the ability to make things simple. One of the hardest things to do in this profession and in this business, okay, there's 22 moving pieces, how do you communicate quickly and get a reaction? Dennis Allen is a master at that. He doesn't have BS in him. He's an honest guy. I didn't personally know him and had been told by a lot of coaches that we would get along well together, which we have. We're able to adjust and talk quickly during the week and during the game, which for two guys that haven't worked together is a big deal. We'll continue to get better in the future doing that. The way he communicates, his honesty both with the players, his assistant coaches, everybody he's around and just how good of a person he is, he'll get this thing right."

On Rolando McClain's return: "He's worked well at practice. He was a little under the weather on Wednesday, but he's worked. That's how he's going day-by-day. And those two days have been a good two days."

On if McClain will have any playing time Sunday: "I don't know. We're going day-by-day and I don't know is the answer on that one. But he's working and that's good. He, and the rest of us, not a distraction, just working."

On the time it takes to get a scheme: "I want it now. It's a now business. We have to do it this week. We have to go 1-0 this week against the Kansas City Chiefs. That's what you've got to do. So whatever is in, we don't have that much that comes in new this week, a couple calls, a couple little tweaks, they're small tweaks, and you have to understand why, who you're playing. But really, we've had some things, like the one call I was talking about, I'm not going to name names of the calls, but there's some things we're doing very well. It's the consistency. Its third downs. In the games where we've gotten the heck off the field, we've played good defense. Get off the field, then you don't have more snaps where they can find something…the run yards, they've come later in games – Miami, etc, Tampa, etc. Why later in games? Not getting off the field. We had third down situations, get off the field. We had three in the first drive against the Broncos. That's' what we can control so that inconsistency is what's got to go. That's what's emphasized to these guys and that's what we're emphasizing as a coaching staff. When we do that stuff, we can play with people and we can get off the field. Does it take a year? No. It takes the focus each week to do it. You get better as you go through the year. We are better in a lot of those calls, some of the ones we used last week on Thursday night. We've done some things decent in the red zone the last two weeks by using calls we've had in the whole time but maybe not used for a few weeks. So that's where you've got to go. Some of that progression is very good, but the focus on the critical downs, that's the key for our guys learning and changing this culture. I know this is a long answer. This is what's most important right now; this is what's most important. To change a defensive culture is know the critical downs, win the critical downs, go have a Gatorade while Carson [Palmer] is working; that's what good defense is. The other thing that we have to do a better job of, this is the same emphasis to the players this week, is block disruption, using our hands, making sure guys are getting extension with their arms so that the big guys aren't laying on us. When we do that, we're pretty darn good. When we accept guys getting on us, get them off of you and make plays. That's something for you guys to look for. Look at who is shedding blocks and making plays. That's where we need to be more consistent on defense – critical downs and getting off of blocks. You just got the speech the players got."

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