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Condo Visits Easter Seals


LS Jon Condo speaks to the Easter Seals After-School Program. Photo by Tony Gonzales


Recently, LS Jon Condo visited the Easter Seals Kaleidoscope After-School Program in Dublin, Calif., to promote an active lifestyle to the students and parents. This is Condo's third year attending the event and spoke to the students about the importance of staying fit and active to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Easter Seals Kaleidoscope After -School Program is designed to aid children, teens, and adults with disabilities. The organization itself has been providing services to Bay Area children, teens, and adults with disabilities for over 80 years.

Condo arrived at the Easter Seals' facility and he spoke to the group about how important it is to be active and participate in outdoor activities. Condo described his favorite way of being fit, as well as some food alternatives to junk food, such as carrots, and broccoli. 

 "Being outside and exercising is a very important part of  being a kid, especially in today's lifestyle with video games and television, which can  develop some bad habits of staying indoors," said Condo.


LS Jon Condo poses for a photo with a student. Photo by Tony Gonzales

After listening intently to Condo, the students lined up to get autographs and pictures. The group then ventured outside for the opportunity to throw the football around with Condo.  They gathered in a circle passing the ball around showing off their own football skills.

The Easter Seals and The Oakland Raiders have developed a close relationship over the years. "John Madden has helped us to acquire these buildings that we have and his family has supported us in all of our special needs to get around and be active in the community," said Jennifer Reeve, a volunteer and head of community relations for the Easter Seals.  "Other past Raiders players and coaches have also donated to the program to keep it so successful.  It's been a very fruitful and lovely relationship with the Raiders." 

Reeves and the rest of the staff praised, not only the Raider organization on its constant support over the years, but how much they enjoy Condo attending the event. "Jon does a great job with the kids and is so friendly and open to speaking to the children and allowing them to throw around the ball," said Reeves. "He is a wonderful representative from the Raiders that we enjoy working with."

Condo was comfortable and excited to be around the after-school program participants. "It makes me feel special to come out here and see the smiles on their faces," said Condo. "It brings me back to when I was a kid and when I could come in contact with the athletes I looked up too and how great that made me feel. " 

The event ended with a big group photo with Condo, the kids, and staff in front of the Raiders banners, especially made for Condo's visit. Condo and the Easter Seals left a lasting impact on each other and look forward to seeing each other again in the future.

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