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Dads' Influence on Becoming a Raiders Fan

@RAIDERS first clothes ever a raider-onsie. Earliest videos of me and dad cheering them on in Hawaii yelling "Go Raiders!" At the old tv! — Jacob Crusinberry (@JACrusinberry) June 15, 2014

@RAIDERS my Dad did because he was a Bronco fan in the 70's and I loved the evil, sinister Raiders back in the day. Thanks Dad! — Spooky (@SpookyRaider) June 14, 2014

@RAIDERS we watched Super Bowl XI together, my first game... #GreatMemory #Raidernation — JB (@James3B1) June 14, 2014

@RAIDERS He's a lifelong fan so he made me into one too. Simple really. It's a lifestyle. — MACKaveli (@Babz850) June 14, 2014

@RAIDERS it was our biggest & strongest connection growing up! Watching #Raider games 2gether was special! Nothin better than Raiders on MNF — Joshua Cenaiko (@Raider12Snake) June 14, 2014


@RAIDERS - My father explained the importance of treating people as equals, and how Mr. Davis didn't see color or sex, only talent. — David (@Drhilljr) June 14, 2014

@RAIDERS it was be a Raiders fan or move out the house. I was only 8 when I started watching football so I had no choice LOL  #RaidersDads — Adía (@GoodIdeaAdia) June 14, 2014

@RAIDERS My father played a huge role in me becoming a #Raiders fan. He was a fan before I was born. Go Raiders #RaiderDads — Eric S. Torres (@Eric40Torres) June 14, 2014

@RAIDERS Dad taught me to say "Go Raiders!" and always dressed me in the silver and black! — Robert Gutierrez (@RobertDoo) June 14, 2014

@RAIDERS thanks to my dad the Raiders were a religion. Al was god, Madden was St Peter, Stabler, Banazak, Otto, Tatum, Hendricks disciples! — MICHAEL STRANZ (@MSGTSTRANZ) June 14, 2014

@RAIDERS my dad wrapped me in a Raiders blanket when I was born. I never had a chance of being anything but a Raider! #thanksDAD — Dylan Wilson (@dylan_206) June 14, 2014

Dad told me "One day son...You'll be Committed To Excellence....Choose @RAIDERS and you'll understand why" #RaidersDads — Jeff Zahn (@JBuDDaHZ) June 14, 2014

@RAIDERS I wanted to be just like my dad so I started following them, then I fell in love with them myself#RAIDERDADS — kelvin joyner (@THEBIGBABY78) June 14, 2014

@RAIDERS 1967 AFL Championship, Father took me with him to see game at a friends house that worked for ABC in NY! Best Moment with my Pops! — Andy Dinocola (@AndyDinocola) June 14, 2014

@RAIDERS In my house growing up we all rooted for the SILVER&BLACK its all I've ever known and I wouldn't have it any other way I love u Dad — MrSilver&Black (@RaiderAthletic) June 14, 2014

@RAIDERS We both played baseball and when we saw Bo Jackson playing for the Raiders on the ABC in Australia we became Raiders fans in 1990. — Sparticusink (@SparticusInk) June 14, 2014

@RAIDERS Dad and my uncles loved going to Oakland to watch Upshaw, Stabler and Brown wreak havoc on the #nfl ... #RaidersDads #BornARaider — Doug Pruitt (@IowaRaider78) June 14, 2014

@RAIDERS The colors, the players, just the attitude won my dad over. And it carried over to me and my siblings. #RN4L — Pentacampeões (@JGarza145) June 14, 2014

@raiders He told me "if you like star wars, you'll love these guys. They're a team full of Darth Vaders" — BIane (@BBart4Prez) June 14, 2014

@RAIDERS some of my greatest memories are playing catch with my dad after the Raiders game! Re enacting the game highlights. Win or lose. — jonathon murillo (@JonathonMurillo) June 14, 2014

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