Darren Waller hosts training camp AMA

Tight end Darren Waller recently hosted an AMA on reddit. Check out what he had to say:

Maxa807: Hey Darren! Which rookie has impressed you the most this offseason?

DW: I'll probably say Foster Moreau. I'm very impressed with him. Very good blocker. Very underrated in the passing game. You wouldn't think he's very fast if you look at his times, but he can really move. Very smooth runner. Definitely understands the game and takes it pretty seriously. All the rookies have done something to impress me, though.

His consistency is impressive. I think he went up for a ball on a sail route in OTAs and just like… really got up off the ground, and I was like, Wow, Foster's not just your typical grinder-of-the-ax blocking tight end. He can do a lot of things.

Scrags: Other than all the new faces, what's changed the most from last year?

DW: I feel like it's the same energetic feel on offense. I feel like the defensive leadership has really stood out to me, as far as Vontaze and Lamarcus Joyner, but also guys like Tahir, Johnathan Hankins. Guys that have been here since last year. They've just really helped change the whole vibe around here. They know what our numbers were last year, but they know that there is no way they're going to be the same this year.

Oldlaheycrockett: Which tight end or receiver do you model your game after the most? Past or present.

DW: I've watched a LOT of tape, so there isn't any one in particular. It's more about taking things I like from a lot of other people's game. Of course Jimmy Graham since the New Orleans days; you've got Kelce in our division; Zach Ertz; I'm really a fan of the way Greg Olsen plays… Lotta guys.

SuperSplashBrothas Thanks for joining us! I know we're all excited for this upcoming season but what are you personally most excited for? *
I'm excited for being part of the whole ride. My career has always been missing Training Camp or being gone the whole season, so it means something to me to be here from OTAs on and being here for the whole season process and not taking that for granted.

ButterflyBloodlust: What do you do day in and day out to make sure the younger guys avoid your mistakes and make the most of every opportunity they have? Or do you shy away from a "leadership" type role?

DW: I just feel like it's the little things — talking to them, sitting with them at lunch, just letting them know that they're part of it and not just, you know, "those young guys." They're part of the team. Stuff like giving them a high-five when they're running back to the huddle, or when some guys have a question at the line or in the huddle, helping them out and not hanging them out to dry. I just feel it's the little things that make them feel like they're part of the team, which helped their confidence and their game.

Sub-reddit Moderator: I have a question, do you think that being featured on Hard Knocks is as much of a distraction as people make it out to be? Seems a little overblown to me.

DW: I think it's a bit overblown. I feel like they actually do a good job of capturing the camp atmosphere. I've had no problem with it. And I don't sense any of the other guys going out of their way to be extra or show out for the cameras or anything like that. I feel like guys are just focusing in. We've got a lot of stuff to do here anyway, and if they want to make a show about it, that's cool. We've got a pretty unique journey here.

Davidhern22: Hey Darren outside of football , what is your favorite pastime / hobby ? Good luck this season

DW: My favorite hobby right now is definitely producing and making beats and recording music. It's something I started doing when I got drafted in Baltimore. I just started rapping in the iPod earbud headphones on my MacBook, but now I record at a studio.

I've released some of it. I have a project called Wall Street coming out on my birthday September 3. I do have a SoundCloud. My first project's called Better Call Wall. It's on iTunes and Spotify.

If you're interested in Darren's music, he raps under the name D Wall, and you can listen to his musichereorhere.

Leweegibo: With the team heading to London this year, do players dread doing the international games or is it something to look forward to?

Good Luck this year from Australia! (Maybe one day!!)

DW: A little bit of both. I'm looking forward to it, but speaking to guys that have been there, the schedule and getting adjusted — I can see how that can be rough. But going to see another part of the world — I've never been anywhere past the Caribbean, so being able to go to Europe would be cool. I can see it from both angles

*PeaceLoveUnity7: Other than natural talent, what made Jared Cook so successful in this system last year. After all, he did have a career year at 31 years old. *

DW: His ability to retain a lot of information and his ability to line up in so many different spots. He's such a good player, but if he just lined up in one spot, it would give the defense more of an opportunity to gameplan for him. But now it's like he can line up out wide by himself, he can line up in the middle, Trips, he can line up in the bunch, and it's now it's like, "Man, what do we do with this guy?" Because he's a beast to begin with.

Also his catch radius and how he looks the ball in when he catches it. He can catch it at so many angles, but if you zoom in on his eyes they're always looking it in. He's a good route runner. Smooth. He's knows those little tricks of the trade, like how you don't always have to run full speed to get open. He knows where to fall into zones and how to fall back into holes for Derek. So that's why he was really successful — among a whole lot of other things.

Scrags: What's your favorite memory of football?

DW: We had a really good football team when I was like 7 or 8 to 10 years old. Blackwell Bears in Metro Atlanta. I played quarterback. Those were really great times. Our team was really good and those times when we were little and doing all those hitting drills — even though now it's like, that probably wasn't the smartest thing laughs but that was probably the funnest times for me. Like, eight to twelve, somewhere around that age.