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Denarius Moore Media Session

Q: What does Matt Flynn bring to this team? Is there a different vibe there?

Moore: He still has the leadership qualities. He's stepping in and making sure he has control of the huddle, makes sure every wideout, every running back, everybody knows their job.

Q: How are you personally feeling your comfort level? I know last year you talked about still trying to catch on to things, but this year going out there, how are you feeling?

Moore: I'm feeling more confident, understanding my role, what I need to do, being in the right position at the right time and getting timing down with the new quarterback.

Q: You look pretty strong out there and fast. How are you feeling body-wise?

Moore: I feel 100 percent, a lot better than I did last year.

Q: What are your impressions of Matt Flynn so far?

Moore: The leadership role. I mean, he's doing exactly what we expected of him. He's coming in, showing leadership qualities, taking control of the team.

Q: How would you describe his leadership qualities? Some guys are louder for example. How do you think he's been leading your team so far?

Moore: He's a lot louder. He leads by example also.

Q: Last year, a lot of injuries and a lot more drops than your first year in the league. What do you do to work on that?

Moore: Catch more balls normally in practice. Not just trying to catch reps during practice, staying after catching a little more, making sure that when I'm not on special teams, catch more balls with the quarterbacks.

Q: Did that really frustrate you last year because your rookie year you were so good and the second year more drops? Is that just one of those things?

Moore: I really just don't know what to explain…I'm kind of hurt about it, so this year I'm going to make it a whole lot better than it was last year.

Q: Do you see this year as a lot of opportunities for you? What are your personal aspirations for the season?

Moore: Do a whole lot better than what I did last year. Basically just try to pick up on what I did and excel more.

Q: It's almost an entire new team out there including the quarterback, 38 new guys, how tough is it and you guys all seem to be buying into what Dennis [Allen's] doing?

Moore: That's real tough to adjust to the new teammates we have, trying to get to know them, adjusted to them, get to know them a whole lot better.

Q: And Dennis, it seems like it's his team this year?

Moore: Oh yeah, it's always been his team. He's always showing what coach is supposed to do, what he expects of us and what we need to work on.

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