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Denver Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak: "A big challenge for our defense"


Q: What did you see from Derek Carr and the Raiders' offense in the first game?

Coach Kubiak:"First off, I'm just looking at them from a standpoint of the season. They're explosive. He's had some really big games this year throwing for a lot of yards. You can tell that the more snaps and the more games that he gets under his belt, the more comfortable he becomes. I think [Raiders offensive coordinator] Bill [Musgrave] has done a great job with him. A lot of explosive players on that side of the ball and a big challenge for our defense."

Q: How would you assess the play of the Raiders' defense over the past few weeks?

Coach Kubiak:"When we played them the first time, obviously we had a pretty difficult time against them. I know in the past month they've gotten after the quarterback sack-wise and had more than anybody in football. Very aggressive up front in what they're doing, making you get rid of the ball quick. I'm impressed. I think [Raiders Head Coach] Jack [Del Rio] does a great job and [Raiders defensive coordinator] Ken [Norton, Jr.] does a great job with that group. It's a big challenge for us."

Q: What does Brock Osweiler bring to the table and how has he been able to jump right in and be successful?

Coach Kubiak:"I think he's had the fortune of watching a great one. Coming up the right way, not being pressed into playing too fast as a player. Sometimes nowadays that doesn't happen always that way. I think he's really taken advantage of his time to watch and see what's going on. He's just calm, a little bit calm beyond his years from that standpoint, as far as he's had three starts in his career. Yet he's a fourth-year player, so there's a little difference there."


Q: Where do you think the Raiders have improved in their pass rushing throughout the season, particularly Khalil Mack?**

Coach Kubiak:"He's always been a superb player. He plays on both sides. They play him a little bit everywhere on third down. That's always our number one issue. But I think as a group, they've gotten better. They're always finding a way to bring five and still be sound in coverage on the back end. It just creates some problems for you. If you get into third-and-long and those types of things, you're going to have a long day."

Q: Almost all of Derek Carr's interceptions have come in the fourth quarter. Do you notice anything different about Carr in the fourth quarter or do you think that's just simply a matter of circumstances?

Coach Kubiak:"I wouldn't say that. It's like anything else. In the National Football League, games are so close, a lot of one score football games in this league. You get into the fourth quarter and sometimes there's a mistake made, it gets compounded. That's just part of football. But I know they trust him to make the plays and he's been making them for them and has a very bright future."

Q: What impresses you about how Amari Cooper has played this year?

Coach Kubiak:"I know one thing, he's open when he leaves the huddle. He's a tremendous athlete, runs great routes. The thing I'm really impressed with him, as a coach, is how hard he plays, even when the ball isn't coming his way. That's very impressive to me. We loved him coming out and I think he's been above and beyond. I think everyone knew he was a great player, but I think he's been even above and beyond that."

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