Derek Carr: "I'm 100 Percent"

After being a partial participant in practice throughout the offseason program, quarterback Derek Carr was full go Tuesday during Mandatory Mini-Camp.

Following the day's activities, he spoke to the media.

Here are the highlights from his time at the podium:


Photos from the Raiders Mandatory Mini-Camp Day 1 - June 9, 2015.

It was Hard to be Patient**

Not being able to fully participate in the offseason program was a challenge for the second-year quarterback, but Carr knew he had to be patient.

"I just had to go through the necessary process of what everyone believed that we should do and I just trusted in our team. It was so minor and it got blown up so much, we were just like, 'oh man.' I'm so competitive. I don't care if it's an OTA [Organized Team Activity], we're just throwing routes on air, I want to be the best and I want to beat everybody, so when I don't have the opportunity to do that, it was kind of hard."


Relax Raider Nation, your starting quarterback was a full participant during practice Tuesday.

"I'm 100 percent. If you could be more than 100, that's where I'm at, just ready for camp."

Admittedly, There was Some Rust

While Carr was excited to back on the field with his teammates, he did admit that he had to shake off a little rust during his first day back at work.

"Oh my goodness, yeah. Not necessarily in my eyes or where to go with the football, but, 'Oh man, I wanted to put that a foot in front of him.' Or, 'Man, I wish I had put it here instead of on this number.' Little things like that. That happens when you haven't thrown for probably like 30-40 days now."

Amari Cooper is the Real Deal

Carr was able to work with rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper Tuesday, and the first-round draft pick didn't disappoint.

"It was nice to get out there and to see just how quick he is out of his breaks. There was one ball that I put on this side of his facemask instead of his front and led him. It would have been a big play and that's just the stuff of us getting out timing down, but it made me see like, wow, he can really get in there. I can just let it go. It's nice. It slows the rush down, too, because you get the ball out and they're angry that they couldn't get to you – all those good things. It was good to get out there and throw to him. I think that he's going to be really special if he just continues to work like he does."

Options are Good

The Silver and Black have added several offensive weapons this offense, and Carr is excited about what the future will hold for the Raiders.

"We added so many guys and you watch when we added those guys, how much better the guys we had got, because of the competition. Everyone is competing. You just see our team just getting so much better. It's constant now. We definitely have become a better football team."

There's Always Room for Improvement

While Carr had a successful rookie campaign in 2014, he's looking to take steps forward in all aspects of his game heading into year two.

"If I don't get better at everything, I'm going to be mad at myself. Just to be more efficient. To not take any plays for granted. Not saying that I did, but just really focusing that each play is so important, especially in the NFL. I started to learn how close the games were. I don't know how many games we lost within eight or nine points, but it was crazy. It kind of blew my mind. Really, just trying to be more efficient on every single play. That's one thing I've been trying to work on."

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