Q: What's better?

Heyward-Bey: Just going out and playing my game that's all I'm doing right now and I'm using each practice to reach my goals

Q: You got your coach out there whooping and hollering when you catch the ball, what does that feel like for your confidence?

Heyward-Bey: I mean it just lets me know that my coaches are behind me and my teammates are behind me and that's what we need to win games and I'm going to do the same for them when the make plays

Q: How do you categorize last year for you, a learning experience, what was last year like?

Heyward-Bey: Last year was a learning experience. I went out there and I played a lot learned a lot, and the getting hurt at the end was something I never experienced through high school or in college. So I just used it all as a learning experience and going into this year [I'm] a better pro, more in shape, taking care of my body, just doing what I have to do to play football here.

Q: Looks like you and Jason Campbell have some chemistry out there, do you feel that?

Heyward-Bey: I feel that way, you know he's looking for me when I'm out there. I'm thinking the ball is coming to me every down no matter who the quarterback is. I'm just taking advantage of my opportunities. I just look at it like the ball is coming my way no matter what, no matter what route I'm running or who's back there, I'm always thinking the ball is coming so I'm always on the look.

Q: You have always had attention upon yourself as being the top pick last year was that good or bad for you do you think?

Heyward-Bey: It was good, everybody said the spotlight was on me but I don't look at it that way, I came out here to try to become a good teammate, a good player for this team and I take it for what it is, last year was last year and this year is this year.

Q: Coach said you were the first guy back in the off-season, what's does that mean to you to be back following injury?

Heyward-Bey:The key was to get back get healthy, get in here and work out, get out here and just run routes and catch the ball as many times as I can. Sitting around for a whole month and a half, two months wasn't in my plan no matter what, no matter how last year went, I was going to come back here early and its paid off for me, and I'm going to continue to come in early and keep working hard.

Q: You've looked a lot more comfortable out there this year as far as with your catches and everything, how has that evolved for you?

Heyward-Bey: I'm just out here playing football. That's something I wrote down, just play my game and play and that's what Ive been doing.

Q: What's it like playing for Hue Jackson?

Heyward-Bey: He keeps you on your toes and that's something that we needed, needed somebody to really be on us and hold us responsible for everything we do on and off the field - that's key. He's aggressive, he's energetic, he's ready to go at meetings and I saw him in Baltimore right before the season, I was going to dinner and he was like that.

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