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Ellis: "It's Going to be a Great Environment"

Q: Last weekend the defensive line seemed to be able to get a big push and get a lot of pressure on [Colin] Kaepernick. What would you attribute that to?

Ellis:"The guys have been getting good pressure but we just haven't been getting the sacks, so our pressure hasn't been noticed. This game we had a quarterback that will hold it a little bit longer and we just focused on the rushes and stuff like that and it ended up working."

Q: You've seen Alex Smith once before, what do you take from the first match-up with him into the second one?

Ellis:"With him, right when you think you can rush him and get him, he'll throw a screen so you just have to keep that stuff in mind too. He's going to give you his best shot this game because it's hard to beat a team twice, a quarterback like that too."

Q: Going up to Arrowhead; what have you heard about playing in that environment? Is that a challenge you're looking forward to?

Ellis:"Yeah. I enjoy going to somebody else's home and beating them or playing them. It's going to be a great environment. I've never been there. Everybody talks about it, so it's going to be a good deal."

Q: After a big win, how do you keep that momentum going now into another big match-up with a division rival?

Ellis:"We just have to make sure we stay focused during this week in practice like [Interim Head Coach Tony Sparano] said. Just make sure we don't eat the cheese like he would say, fall into the trap of just everybody patting you on the back. Make sure you stay focused and be prepared for this game."

Q: Do you watch guys like Dontari Poe who you know are on the other side? What does he do well and what can you take from that?

Ellis:"I answered a question like that in my last interview. I think he's a great athlete. I think he moves well to be a big guy. I think he pushes the pocket well, a good run stopper. I think coming into the NFL, a lot of people didn't recognize him. They just thought he was one of the combine guys and so he's doing well now. I think he was underestimated and that's kind of like what my situation is."

Q: With the end of the season coming, what do you feel like you have to improve on and what have you been doing well this season so far?

Ellis:"I mean, right now, I'm just continuing to just work on my block shed and make sure I just keep moving and just make sure I have a good presence when I'm in a game."

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