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"Every week he is going to be presented with challenges"


Q: The Patriots are talking a lot about Marcel Reece this week. Is he someone you wish you would use more often? What's the status of Marcel Reece's role?**

Coach Olson: "It's still there. Believe me, I am aware of it. We had some things, again, designed. We have to be a little bit aware early in the game of getting him more involved early. We only had the 20 snaps in the first half, so there were things designed to him. The first interception was a play that was a design initially to go to Marcel, but the coverage didn't dictate it. We had some things there, it's just that it didn't end up going there. We'll continue to find ways to utilize Marcel."

Q: He said before that he is not going to demand the ball or anything. Is there frustration on his part that you can sense?

Coach Olson: "No, he's a team player. We have conversations every week before, after the game. He is one of the first people I talk to after the game. We are just trying to find ways to win. What do we have to win? Again, he's a team guy all the way, so if we're winning and he's not getting the ball, he's not going to be concerned about it. If we're losing and he's not getting the ball, then we have to find ways to get him the ball. We'll continue to look at ways we can utilize him in our base package."

Q: Is it more difficult because of his position or because of his size? Sometimes he doesn't always fit.

Coach Olson: "No, and you have to be aware, teams now, because of his reputation in the league, he is a great match-up on linebackers and some safeties in this league. We try to get him in those areas, obviously. So, just more the first- and second-down match-ups, we'll be more aware of getting him involved. Not that he can't go out there and win against a nickel [corner] or something like that, but his best match-ups are when we can get teams to play their base defense, so those are a lot of first- and second-down match-ups. Again, when the game got into a two-minute mode, we were in a lot of 11 personnel and they've got their dime and nickel personnel on the field."

Q: What is the most challenging thing for Derek Carr as a rookie playing against a Bill Belichick defense?

Coach Olson: "Every week he is going to be presented with challenges. In New York, it was the New York challenge. Last week it was J.J. Watt and the Houston defense challenge. I just think every week will present a new challenge for him going through the first time. And I think he'll continue to get better. I think statistically, it won't show last week because of the two interceptions, but he moved the ball against a very good Houston defense. He was very aware throughout the game. Again, you can't beat anybody when you are turning it over four times. Certainly, he is responsible for two of them on the interceptions, but I think he got better last week. I think he'll continue to get more comfortable in the system. The second interception was a recognition. When he came right off the sideline, he knew he recognized it wrong and made the wrong call, so like I said, he is not a guy that makes a lot of mistakes twice. He has instant information when he comes to the sideline. He can tell you exactly what happened. So, I just think each week he is going to get better. Like I said, statistically it may not have showed last week because of the two interceptions, but I know that we've got a chance when Derek Carr is out on the field."

Q: What are you impressions of Vincent Brown and how fast can you get him on the field?

Coach Olson:"We've been meeting with him – crash course. I think he looks sudden out there. He's played, practiced out there yesterday and today. We've only had a chance to see him two days, but he looks like he's got some quickness at the line of scrimmage and obviously, he's played and he's been productive when he has played. So we'll continue to kind of get him up to speed as quickly as we can. I've seen some good things here in the last two days."

Q: How has the offensive line come together?

Coach Olson:"We say it's been a lot of change, but really, compared to last year there's been zero changes, so that's a positive. I still believe they're one of the strengths of our team on our side of the ball, especially on the offensive side of the ball. They'll continue to gel together. I think they'll continue to get better and we've just got to, again, we've got to score when we get out there. We've got to move the ball, we've got to take care of the football and we've got to score."

Q: What's your review of Gabe Jackson after two games?

Coach Olson:"I think he's doing fantastic. I really do. I commented yesterday after practice, I thought he had an extremely good practice yesterday. He's got great practice habits, really works his craft and works his technique. He's another guy, to me, like Derek that's one of those young players that I think will continue to get better each week with more experience that he gets."

Q: Last week you were really concerned with one guy, J.J. Watt. Are the Patriots different in that regard in the sense that there are a lot of players to worry about?

Coach Olson:"Yeah, and again, I don't take away from anybody's front seven, obviously. But J.J. Watt is a dominating player by himself. The week before, like we said, he ruined the Redskins' game singlehandedly. It's a shame, because he's really a blip on the stat sheet until the very last pressure, which we were in protection where we had a five-man protection, they brought six of them off the edge. He was unblocked, so it wasn't as if he beat somebody and [had] a great pass rush move. Shoot, [San Francisco Chronicle reporter] Vic [Tafur] could have made that sack on that particular play, so that was disappointing. That was really one of the disappointing things coming out of that game besides the turnovers, because the fact that we felt good about the plan on how we handled him. Now we've got a different, like I said, a different set of challenges against the Patriots because they're just a really solid football team all the way around. They're thick at linebacker, they've got a good experienced front four and they're very good in the secondary. It just presents a different set of challenges than what we had last week with the Texans and J.J. Watt."

Q: How have they been using Darrelle Revis?

Coach Olson:"Well, last week they matched him up with [Greg] Jennings from Minnesota, but then the first week they didn't. So we'll find out on Sunday what their plan is on game day."

Q: How great is it to have a guy like Vincent Brown who has experience against your division rivals?

Coach Olson:"I believe it is. I just think competition – we need competition. We need competition, really, at every position. There's some positions that there's more than others. We think the wide receivers position, we need to bring in competition and make that group compete. I think they'll rise to the challenge of the addition of Vincent Brown and hopefully it will help us."

Q: How do you think Darren McFadden ran the ball?

Coach Olson:"He ran hard. You guys watched it, too. I thought he ran hard and I thought you could see that, to me, when I watched form the sidelines, I just felt he was probably the fastest guy on the field for us offensively a couple times when he had the ball in his hand. I wasn't disappointed with Darren. Hopefully we'll keep him healthy and continue to find ways to get him the ball."

Q: What are your impressions of Maurice Jones-Drew, who was back at practice today? What can he do with that hand?

Coach Olson:"He's still coming. It's still coming. He was out there, which is a plus, and did some things individually. I think it's still swollen, but it's healing."

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