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Film Review: Bruce Irvin Flashes His Versatility

Versatility is the name of the game in the NFL – particularly when it comes to pass rushers.

Khalil Mack enjoyed a breakout season in 2015, securing 15 sacks, becoming the first player to be named an AP First-Team All-Pro at two positions, and earning the nickname "Slash," referencing his versatility, in the process.

As dominant as Mack was last season, the explosive pass rusher lacked a true, season-long complement along the defensive line, but with the addition of Bruce Irvin to the Silver and Black, it is a void that has been filled heading into 2016.

Like Mack, Irvin has long been lauded for his versatility, so in our most recent "Film Review," we take a closer look at how the rangy outside linebacker has asserted his will from a multitude of positions on the field.

Week 13 vs. Minnesota Vikings (2015)

Situation: Third quarter 9:07. Seahawks up 28-0, Vikings on their own 16-yard line, facing 1st and 10.


**With quarterback Teddy Bridgewater operating from under center, Irvin was lined up in the slot across from wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Tight end Rhett Ellison came across the formation in motion, and after Bridgewater had snapped the ball, Irvin dropped in coverage.

Bridgewater faked the handoff to Adrian Peterson, who then eventually received the pass in the flat. Irvin recognized that Peterson would be receiving the pass, and quickly met the powerful back as he attempted to turn up field, tackling him for a loss of one.

Week 6 vs. Carolina Panthers (2015)

Situation: First Quarter 12:43. Game tied 0-0, Panthers on their own 40-yard line, facing 3rd and 4.


**With the Panthers facing their first third down of the young game, Irvin lined up with his hand in the dirt, offset from left tackle Michael Oher.

After Cam Newton – who was operating from the shotgun – snapped the ball, Irvin went to work, brushing away Oher's hands and sprinting by him with ease, en route to taking down Newton for a loss of eight before the quarterback could escape out of the pocket.

Situation: Fourth Quarter 1:29. Seahawks down 23-20, Panthers on the Seahawks' 40-yard line, facing 1st and 10.


**Irvin showed off more of his patented versatility later in that very game, this time standing up on the right side of the defensive formation.

After Newton snapped the ball, Irvin shot to his left – eluding a block attempt from running back Fozzy Whittaker – and then burst through a hole between center and left guard, chasing Newton to his left and then bringing down the athletic quarterback for a loss of nine.

Week 8 vs. St. Louis Rams (2013)

Situation: First Quarter 0:32. Seahawks down 3-0, Rams on the Seahawks' 40-yard line, facing 1st and 10.

Irvin's pure athleticism is constantly brought up when coaches and teammates describe him, and that raw ability was on full display in Week 8 of the 2013 regular season.

In the waning moments of the first quarter, Irvin lined up face-to-face with tight end Jared Cook.

Irvin shadowed Cook as he ran his route, and as the big tight end lumbered down the left sideline, quarterback Kellen Clemons threw him the football.

However, Clemons overshot his target and Irvin took full advantage, locating the football and hauling in the errant pass. After securing the ball, Irvin turned up field and returned the ball eight yards to the Seattle 29-yard line.

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