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Five reasons to get excited for Oakland Raiders Training Camp

The Oakland Raiders are just days away from kicking off Training Camp 2018, and if you're not excited, you should be for a multitude of reasons.

We're inching closer to the eventual start of the 2018 season, and with the addition of Head Coach Jon Gruden, as well as several of the free agency acquisitions the team made this offseason, how can you not be fired up?

The rookies, along with the quarterbacks, and a handful of other players, will be the first to touch down in Napa on Monday, but they'll be joined by the veterans Thursday.

Before that happens, here's five reasons you should be excited for camp:

Football is back.

Ladies and gentlemen, this will be our first official taste of football – as Stone Cold Steve Austin would say, "Can I get a hell yeah?"

All of the offseason workouts are interesting, and informative, but the season never really starts until the training camp domino falls. Get ready for the sound of pads cracking at practice, Gruden pacing up and down the sidelines, and the players showcasing their athletic abilities.

Jon Gruden has returned to the sidelines.

This one speaks for itself.

It's been over 15 years since Gruden last roamed the Raiders sidelines, and during Organized Team Activities he looked like the same coach Raider Nation has adored for all these years. I'll be honest, I knew Gruden was a vocal coach, but hearing him bark at players, and push them to the limit was exhilarating – isn't that what you want out of your head coach? I think so.

Take it from me, the trip up to Napa is worth it, especially with Gruden back in the fold.

There are new faces in the mix.

By attending Raiders Camp, you'll get a first look at Martavis Bryant, Jordy Nelson, Derrick Johnson, Tahir Whitehead, and many more, suited up in the Silver and Black. There will be no shortage of playmaking this season, given the amount of versatile and talented players Gruden and General Manager Reggie McKenzie have added through free agency and the draft.

You won't want to miss Carr's first pass to Bryant and Nelson during camp.

You can't beat Napa.

I'm willing to say the Raiders have the best training camp set up among all 32 teams in the NFL, quote me on it.

Just think, people from all over the world travel to the wine capital of America for the views, wineries, and overall experience, and it's where the Raiders get to call home for a little less than a month – could be worse. The weather forecast predicts clear skies, and an average temperature in the high 80s next week. So bring your sunscreen, a hat, and some shades, but more importantly don't forget your Raiders gear.

Joint practice with the Detroit Lions.

By the time August 10 rolls around, the Raiders are going to be ready to play against someone other than their own teammates, and they'll be able to do so when new Lions Head Coach Matt Patricia and Co. come to town.

It'll also be the first time Raiders linebacker Tahir Whitehead has lined up against his former club since joining the Silver and Black. Whitehead spent the last six seasons in Detroit, and racked up almost 400 tackles during that time.

These five reasons should be more than enough incentive to come check out the Raiders prior to the start of the 2018 campaign.

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