Five Takeaways From Coach Del Rio's Wednesday Press Conference

Following the Oakland Raiders Wednesday practice, Head Coach Jack Del Rio addressed the media at the team's Alameda, Calif., practice facility.

Here are the major takeaways from his time at the podium.

Head Coach Jack Del Rio is pleased with the team's new, state-of-the-art performance center that opened yesterday.

"I'm very, very pleased with what [Raiders Owner] Mark Davis has provided for us. The organization has been tremendous in providing this, and really recreating this environment that we coach and play in every day. Players coming in are fired up to be here. It's really a world-class facility and we're excited to get started in it."

**Head Coach Del Rio once again praised the work of rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper.


"Amari has basically done everything we hoped he would do to this point. He's been a consummate pro. He's been very businesslike. He's been a quick study. He's very serious about his job and what he does every day, and he's played very well in the first couple of games out in the preseason. We're excited to continue that progress [and] continue that growth."

He also spoke about the team's goal heading into their third preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals.

"Regardless of what it was in our last outing, we want to make it better going forward and we want to continue to improve as a team. That wouldn't change, highs or lows, but you put the last performance behind you and you learn what you can from it and then you go forward, and that's where we are."

Head Coach Del Rio also spoke highly of rookie defensive end Mario Edwards Jr, and the improvement he has shown, particularly in the past week.

"I think he's progressing very nicely, much improved week of practice, much improved outing in the game, and definitely trending the way we want to see it go. Again, just want to see more, want to see continued effort and energy the way he provided it last week."

Head Coach Del Rio has learned his craft from some of the best coaches in the game, including Jimmy Johnson and Brian Billick, but he spoke at length about the influence Tony Dungy had on him during their time together.

"I'd say Tony Dungy was really my mentor for a number of years. Tony was the best, because Tony was the first coach that ever admitted he was wrong. He was the guy that would say, 'yeah, we put you in a bad spot there. You did exactly what we asked and it didn't work.' Tony realized that as players we really appreciated the honesty. Sometimes we don't get it right as a coach. I think it's important to be able to express that and tell your players, 'hey, they had a good play against us. Let's move on to the next play. Tackle it and go to the next one.'"

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