Five Takeaways From Derek Carr's Wednesday Press Conference

Derek Carr threw for 314 yards in the team's Week 3 win over the Cleveland Browns, but his focus now lies squarely on the team's next road test against the Chicago Bears.

Prior to Wednesday's practice he spoke with the media. Here are the highlights from his press conference.

Carr once again praised the play of his offensive line.

"Those are my best friends. My wife appreciates them, obviously. My son appreciates them. I can pick him up when I get home. Those kind of things are obviously more important to me, but in all seriousness, they've done a great job. We spend a lot of time trying to pick up blitzes, line games, all those things, trying to pick up tips and all those kind of things."

He also spoke about the importance of early wins confirming the progress the team has made.

"It's huge. I really am just thankful because you never know when those times are going to happen. You never know when those times are going to come, when it's finally going to click for an offense and those kind of things. We've done some good things obviously, we have, but we have not met our standard. Our standard is higher. We have so much to clean up, myself included. We're happy, but not content."

Amari Cooper has big play potential.

"I remember saying he's a home run waiting to happen. And we saw it obviously these last two games. He takes the little in route, stiff arms a Pro Bowl guy and he's off to the races. You see [Michael] Crabtree with his hand up, you see guys on the sideline with their hand up, we all think he's going to score anytime he touches the ball. He was a top five pick for a reason."

Carr also addressed the growth he's seen in running back Latavius Murray.

"His vision. His vision is unbelievable. The holes that he can see and the cuts that he makes…  For a bigger guy, they usually run with a high pad level. The way he can drop his hips and make a cut, let alone see that hole, blows my mind."

He also spoke about how the team addresses road trips.

"Everything we do we want to do with a purpose. We're not just flying there because. We're not just having this meeting just because. As long as we're purposeful. When we're on the plane, do you have your iPads out? What's your routine? Just making sure that we have a purpose for everything that we do. That goes along with it."

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