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Five Takeaways From Derek Carr's Wednesday Press Conference

After the Oakland Raiders concluded their on-field work for the day, quarterback Derek Carr held his weekly Wednesday press conference.

Here is what we learned from his time behind the microphone.

Carr believes in the importance of self-scouting.

"We just go through what we've done well, things that we like that we could clean up, and that's what the quarterbacks did today. We went back through all of our passes and run through tags. Anything we could think of that would help us as we go out into the bye week and say, 'We could clean that up and get better in that area.' Or, we really like this, maybe we could do that more at practice or whatever it is."

Success in the NFL comes down to doing the little things well.

"You could easily look over little things. We turned on some passes, we turned on some run stuff and said, 'Man, if we had just done that, that might have been a touchdown. If we had just done that, it's a 40-yard gain.' Our coaching staff did a great job. There's no real big glaring thing, it is just refining details and tightening the screws on this."

Carr is more comfortable in Year 2.

"I'm definitely a lot more comfortable. I definitely see the game… The game has slowed down, finally, going into this year. It slowed down last year, but now I'm just playing football. Trying my best to throw it exactly where I want to and all those things. I definitely feel a lot more comfortable playing this year. Like I said, one of my goals was to be more efficient."

He stressed the importance of Michael Crabtree to the Raiders receiving corps.

"People are going to figure out 'Coop' real quick because he's extremely talented. They're going to try and double him or try and do certain things to roll his way and 'Crab' is going to continue to make plays. 'Crab' is going to be 'Crab.' Just like he did, big third-down conversions, running seam routes, big catches in crucial times. He's going to be that guy for us."

Carr shared his plans for the upcoming bye week.

"Spend a lot of time with my wife and my little guy. I might make a trip down to Bakersfield and watch the [Bakersfield Christian High School] Eagles play. We'll see."

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