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Five Takeaways From Head Coach Jack Del Rio's 2016 NFL Scouting Combine Press Conference

Jack Del Rio hasn't spoken to the media since early January, the day after he officially wrapped up his first season as head coach for the Oakland Raiders.

That changed Wednesday as he addressed the media at the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

Here are the quick hits from his time at the podium.

He shared the team's evaluation of running back Latavius Murray's 2015 season.

"Latavius had a solid year for us. He went over 1,000 yards. We feel like there were some good moments, and some things that we'll do better as we go forward. He's an explosive young man. He's got long speed, and he's still growing as a player, so he'll have a chance to go back and work on some things in spring, and come out and have a better year next year."

**The Raiders are happy to have the quarterback position solidified with Derek Carr.


"I feel like we have a really good, young quarterback in Derek Carr who's coming off his second year now, took a significant jump for us last year, and we feel like there's a lot of room for growth there. We're really looking forward to getting him to this offseason and further developing him, further developing our football team."

Khalil Mack and Von Miller, while both dynamic pass rushers, are different types of players.

"Both different, but both dynamic off the edge. I think Von, everybody got to see Von a few weeks ago when he dominated the Super Bowl and won MVP. He's a special talent. For us, Khalil, we're really happy we have Khalil; a little different body type. Khalil is a little closer to 270 [pounds], probably 20, 25 pounds more than Von, so he's more of a power player. Also has the ability to bend and also has an ability to get after the quarterback and impact the game."


Take a look at some of the top prospects in the 2016 NFL Draft in action.

He shared an update on the health of defensive end Mario Edwards Jr.**

"I don't have anything to add today to what's previously been reported. At some point there will be something to talk about, but at this point, there's nothing to add."

Head Coach Del Rio also spoke about the team's 2016 matchup with the Houston Texans in Mexico City.

"A lot of exposure going down to Mexico City. For me, it represents a challenge because we're going to play an additional game out on the road and in that altitude. The good part about it is that I feel very good about our ability to travel. I feel very good about the strength staff,[Strength and Conditioning Coach] Joe Gomes and the way we approach games before and after. It adds a challenge for us, no question about that, but in terms of exposure and going down there and representing, I think we'll do a good job of that."

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