Five Takeaways From Head Coach Jack Del Rio's Tuesday Press Conference

The Oakland Raiders returned to the practice field Tuesday afternoon for the first time since their 30-23 preseason loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Following his team's on-field work, Head Coach Jack Del Rio addressed the media.

Here are the major takeaways from his time at the podium.

The Raiders trimmed their roster to 75 players Tuesday afternoon, and Head Coach Del Rio discussed his thought process leading into the transcations.

"We made the choices we felt were best for the team. Obviously we have a game in two days and then we open the season shortly thereafter. We know we have to get down to the final 53, and we'll do that when it's time and we'll continue to evaluate the remaining roster spots until then."

With Menelik Waton's injury, Austin Howard is the presumed starter at right tackle, but Head Coach Del Rio was still undecided about how much the veteran lineman would be on the field Thursday night.

"He's been getting time in the position, so it's not a matter of getting time. I think he played maybe more than he would have the other night, but we'll make decisions on who's going to play and how much they're going to play as we get closer to the game."

Regardless of what happened earlier in the preseason, both positive and negative, the Raiders are wiping the slate clean as they prepare for the Seahawks.

"Nothing that occurred prior to now is going to change, whether it's been good or bad. We feel like the team is prepared well for the season and we'll finish our preparation leading up to our home opener, but prior to that we have some work to do, and we'll do the best we can with the guys we have."

While trimming a roster is part of the business of football, Head Coach Del Rio admitted that it's never an easy part of the job description.

"It's not a good time of year. I don't know that that it's so much about deciding between players as much as having to tell somebody that's worked so hard and given you everything that they have, that they're not going to be a part of your effort."* *

The injury to Andre Holmes has opened up opportunities for other wide receivers battling for roster spots.

"It's probably given more guys, other guys, more looks. Anytime somebody else has something unfortunate happen, that typically paves the way for an opportunity that may not have been as big, and so we've had the opportunity to play guys throughout the roster at that position."

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