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Five Takeaways From Head Coach Jack Del Rio's Wednesday Press Conference

Wednesday afternoon, Head Coach Jack Del Rio held his final press conference before the Oakland Raiders play host to the San Diego Chargers at Coliseum Thursday night.

Here are the highlights from his press conference.

Charles Woodson's last game at Coliseum will provide a rallying point for the entire team.

"I think just Charles alone, knowing what kind of player he's been, kind of impact he's had and kind of legacy he leaves, I think that's all the inspiration right there. I know for us as a team, we want to make sure that we have a great sendoff for him."

Head Coach Del Rio has been surprised by just how productive Woodson has been this season, even at age 39.

"Not surprised that he's capable of it, but surprised at his age that he's able to perform at that level. Five picks on the year, still have a couple of games left, fumbles, fumble recoveries, and the way he's fought his way through different things that might hold a normal person back. He's fought through and been courageous, tough, super competitive and it's been a great example for our locker room."

It goes without saying, but Charles Woodson is a special player.

"I think Charles is a generational kind of player. I think his body, he was blessed with a body that is obviously very skilled and then his work ethic is phenomenal. I think he was blessed with a lot of ability, but he worked really, really hard to maintain."

Head Coach Del Rio also addressed the health of rookie defensive end Mario Edwards Jr.

"I think he had a significant injury and we need to make sure that we do what's best for him first. Just hoping for the best, but really most concerned with him right now. Other things going forward, we'll worry about that later. It is significant what he has."

He also shared his thoughts on the three Raiders Pro Bowlers.

"We're proud of our guys that earned it. Obviously Khalil [Mack] his first, 'Wood' [Charles Woodson] and Marcel [Reece] have been before, but for Khalil it was excellent for him. He had a great year. A few of our other guys were alternates that were really good players that were deserving. We feel like we've identified a few guys and a few guys are developing here. There is a nucleus of really good players that we can go forward with."

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