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Five Takeaways From Khalil Mack's Monday Press Conference


Following the first day of the 2016 Offseason Program, defensive end Khalil Mack spoke to the media.

Here are the highlights from his first press conference of the new season.

Mack is ready to embrace a leadership role in 2016.

"Yeah, 'C-Wood' wanted me to prepare and get ready for that role, but at the same time, just taking it day by day and slowly, slowly seeing what happens. The leadership role definitely is in effect at this point."

There wasn't much of an offseason for the dynamic edge rusher.

"Alright, alright, alright, I think I probably took like two or three days. (laughing) All the other days, I count them as recovery days. Legit two or three days, sit at the beach just chilling."

He shared his initial thoughts on linebacker Bruce Irvin.

"Yeah, he's a cool dude, man. We talked here and there before we came out here, especially during the recruiting process, talked a little bit, but at the same time, he's a good dude, coming in here with great energy. I'm excited to go out there and grind with him first, but then being able to line up next to him is going to be fun as well."

Consistency is crucial heading into 2016.

"The waters are real calm, but at the same time, it's a stern focus. It's a discipline. It's a certain level of focus that you expect coming in to this year because you've been around these same people, so they know what they can do, but they know what you can't do. They know your strengths and they know your weaknesses. It's about strengthening those weaknesses with them and growing together, and that can only benefit us."

Mack is looking forward to getting back to work with defensive coordinator Ken Norton, Jr.

"Coach Ken Norton, man, having him a second year is almost like cheating. The guy that brings enthusiasm, energy, all the necessary things as far as football smarts, just everything you need as a player. He's a great coach, and I'm glad that he's on my team. I'm looking forward to it, I can't wait."

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