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Five Things To Know About Wide Receiver Cordarrelle Patterson


Wide Receiver Cordarrelle Patterson

As they say, news travels fast, but believe it or not the Oakland Raiders' newest acquisition could be quicker than the word of mouth. Wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson signed with the Silver and Black Monday night, and it didn't take very long for people to get excited about his addition to the roster. The former Minnesota Viking has made a name for himself as an electric special teams returner with blazing speed, as he's burned opposing teams for five kick return touchdowns over the past four years.

It's obvious that Patterson's speed is one of his most outstanding qualities on the field, but let's take a look at five things you didn't know about the Raiders wide out.

**He's a two-time Pro Bowler and a First-Team All-Pro.

An exclusive look at Cordarrelle Patterson.


Patterson has only been in the league for four seasons – 2017 will be his fifth – and he's already made two Pro Bowl visits, and a pair of First-Team All-Pro appearances. That's an impressive accomplishment for anyone, let alone someone who hasn't been in the league all that long. His first Pro Bowl bid and First-Team All-Pro selection came his rookie year, when he returned 43 kickoffs for 1,393 yards and two touchdowns, which was a league best.

He returned to the Pro Bowl in 2016 after he recorded four 40-plus-yard kick returns, tied with only Los Angeles Rams running back Benny Cunningham for the league-best.

The man is a record breaker.

Shortly after the start of the 2013 season – Patterson's rookie campaign – the 6-foot-2, 220-pounder etched his name in the NFL record books. In the team's Week 3 matchup against the Green Bay Packers, Patterson laid in wait as he stood at the back of the end zone on a kickoff watching the football soar towards him. Upon catching the ball, he took off without hesitation, and stormed down the field 109 yards leaving everyone in the dust. Prior to catching the kickoff, little did Patterson know he would end up setting the NFL record for the longest kick return in league history at the young age of 22.

Patterson did it all at the University of Tennessee.

His lone season as a Tennessee Volunteer showcased the versatility of his game. As a receiver, Patterson hauled in 46 passes for a total of 778 yards and five touchdowns, but his game was more than one dimensional. The team used his speed to its advantage by incorporating him in the rushing attack, as the speedster rushed for 308 yards and three touchdowns. Patterson also added a kick return touchdown and a punt return touchdown to his résumé.

**He's excited to join the Raiders wide receiver corps.


While at the team's facility in Alameda, Calif., Patterson expressed his excitement to work with wide receivers Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree. He shared that both are talented players, and that he is ready to get to work, but is also pumped about the idea of teaming up with the rest of the team's playmakers.

"I'm just excited to team up with all those guys over there," said Patterson. "Not just 'Coop' and Crabtree; every guy over there. I'm ready to get over there and start working."

Patterson is active on social media.

He hasn't been on the team for more than 24 hours yet, but has already felt the love from Raider Nation. He discussed the amount of support he's received is awesome, and is happy to be a part of the team.

"Since I joined the team, it seemed like 30 seconds and like my phone was blowing up on Twitter and Instagram with all the Raiders fans," he explained.

Follow Patterson on Twitter at @ceeflashpee84

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