Forty Years and Counting


Joe and Patsy Heim met a little over 40 years ago in San Francisco. Joe was a Raiders season ticket holder and Patsy was a football fan. When they met, Patsy was immediately attracted to the fact that Joe had tickets. "I found out he's a football fan and I'm a football fan and that is how our interest was peaked," said Patsy. The two were married and have been attending Raiders games ever since. "I've often told other people that I married my husband almost 40 years ago because he had season tickets to the Raiders and I wasn't about to give those up," said Patsy. The two even planned their wedding around the Raiders schedule.

As they celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary this year, Joe and Patsy continue to attend Raiders games together, both in Oakland and in cities across the country. The couple has traveled to two or three away games each year to places like Miami, Buffalo, Green Bay, and this year's game in Nashville (pictured). "We still love it," said Patsy. "We go with a group of kids (I call them my kids) but they've promised me that if we ever became infirm, especially when we go to our away games and everything, that they will see to it that we get there even in a wheelchair. They will see to it that we get there. That is their promise to us."

Joe and Patsy met due to Joe's love for the Raiders and they continue to support the team to this day.

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