Four Takeaways From Derek Carr's Tuesday Press Conference

After the Oakland Raiders Tuesday practice leading up to their preseason finale with the Seattle Seahawks, quarterback Derek Carr held his weekly press conference.

Here are the takeaways from his Tuesday media session.

While the Raiders offense may not have dazzled Sunday night, after watching the film, Carr believes the team is close to executing like they want.

"So close, man. There are just too many things where we were that far off. Me and Amari [Cooper] spent some time together yesterday out on the field, got some things cleaned up. There was a lot of good things. We were very explosive. That is something you want to see in the preseason and that's something you want to see you can do."

Since the Silver and Black selected Amari Cooper in the 2015 NFL Draft, fans have dubbed the connection between him and Carr as AC/DC, and it's a nickname the quarterback doesn't mind.

"It's fine with me. It doesn't matter to me. It's pretty catchy though. I think somebody thought of it before us, but it's pretty catchy though."

As the team prepares for their preseason finale with the Seahawks, Carr's goal heading up to Seattle is simple – just win.

"I just want to win. It feels so much better the next day when you win. That's really all I care about, and y'all know that. No matter what the game is, what the situation is, I just want to win."

With the loss of Menelik Watson, Carr said that now it's time for the other players along the offensive line to step up in his absence.

"It's always hard when you loss anybody, especially up front. That's the heart and soul of every team, is up front. To lose a guy like Menelik, it breaks my heart for him, personally, and then for this football team, it hurts but, you see it every year, someone has to come in and step up at some different position, somewhere, someway, somehow. It just happens to be us at that spot now, and we've actually had guys playing really well at that spot."

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