Four Takeaways From Derek Carr's Wednesday Press Conference

The Raiders held their first regular season practice Wednesday, leading up to their home opener against the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday.

Following practice, quarterback Derek Carr held his weekly press conference.

Here are the highlights from his media session.

One year ago, Carr had just learned he would be the Raiders starting quarterback, but now he's the unquestioned starter and leader of the team. He spoke about the difference a year makes.

"I think this time last year I knew I was the starter for about three days. This time around, obviously, it's a little different. You have a whole offseason to prepare for the season. You know what to work on. You know what's going to happen. You've already played in the games. You've already seen it, so there's a lot of benefits obviously that were not here last year that we have this year. I'm definitely excited and just ready to compete."

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Home Sweet Home

"I was happy that we got two home games right off the bat. Usually, we don't, especially with the baseball field and all that. To start off two games at home, especially against a division [AFC North] like that, is awesome for our team. It's awesome for, obviously this city, and we're fired up to go out and compete."

The importance of beginning the season with a positive result in the win column.

"It's huge. You always see coaches, and stats, and everyone talking about, 'You got to start fast. You got to start fast,' and that's the case. You want to go out there and start fast. We have a great veteran group coming in that we're going to play against, but we're excited to go out there and compete, because we have a good veteran group too, and we've been working really hard."

He also spoke about rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper.

"He's just the same guy every day, he really is. Amari has been just such a joy to be around because he's not nervous. Football is just a game to him. He knows there's a bigger calling on his life than just football, so when he comes out to football, it's just him trying to help the team win."

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