Four Takeaways From Derek Carr's Wednesday Press Conference

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and the rest of his teammates returned to the practice field Wednesday afternoon.

Following the day's work, Carr held his weekly press conference and addressed the status of his right hand as well as shared his thoughts on the Baltimore Ravens.

Here are the highlights from his time behind the microphone.

It was business as usual for Carr Wednesday at practice.

"Went out there and took 99 percent of the reps. I think the one percent that I didn't was just for them to be cautious and see how it reacted. It's all fine. It felt good."

Following his injury in Sunday's game, Carr did admit that he was worried he seriously injured his throwing hand.

"Big time. It takes a lot for me not to go back in there. I knew when I tried to grab that ball and throw it to [wide receivers] coach [Rob] Moore on the sideline, that something wasn't right. I just had to make sure that I could take a snap. If I couldn't open up my hand enough to take a snap, I'm not going to help us. I don't want to fumble it and give them the ball right here. The smart thing was to get it checked and see what we could do going forward."

Heading into the team's Week 2 matchup with the Baltimore Ravens, Carr said the team has to be more efficient on offense.

"First and second down, we have to be efficient. We can't get ourselves behind the sticks. That doesn't mean we can't pick those things up, it just means it makes it a little bit harder. Percentages in the NFL go down as the yardage goes. We have to be more efficient first and second down, myself included. I have to be more efficient in where to throw the football, what coverage are they playing and what's the best option to help us do that. As long as we stay to the game plan, we watch the film and it's like we all took little turns."

He also spoke about rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper's first regular season game.

"We talk about it all the time, the guy is three years out of high school. He's got to learn the game at this level fast. He is. I think that one thing that was so impressive with him is that you see the way that they were trying to play him and trying to talk to him; it doesn't affect him at all. He comes in and runs the next route perfectly. He's going to be just fine."

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