Four Takeaways From Ken Norton, Jr.'s Tuesday Press Conference

Before the Oakland Raiders hit the field Tuesday afternoon to continue preparation for their Week 16 matchup with the San Diego Chargers, defensive coordinator Ken Norton, Jr., held his weekly press conference.

Here are the highlights from his time at the microphone.

Norton shared his thoughts about Charles Woodson's retirement.

"Charles has had an amazing career. He's an amazing person, amazing player, amazing leader, his influence that he has on the other players; I'm just fortunate that I had the chance to coach with him one of those hashtag 18 years. I remember him back in '98, I was still playing when he came in, about how special he was and his ability to be around the ball and to make sure special things happen. I'm just really excited to make this going out for him very special for a guy who's set his mark. He's left his mark on this game."

He also spoke about Woodson's leadership ability.

"Just for the young guys, his ability to show up every single day, even with as much as he's done at this level, showing the guys how to come in early, leave late, how to really understand the concept of hard work and things coming to you when you do things right. You can't even put a word on the different things that he's done for these players."

Norton also discussed the legacy Woodson will leave behind once he retires.

"His legacy is just playmaking, hard work, showing up every day and just setting a really good example on and off the field. You can't do any more than he's done, and he's an example, just for a young man to look at his career, a guy emerging like Khalil Mack, to watch him do it the way he did it. If he can come even close to what Charles has done, he's done pretty good."

Playing on a short week presents some challenges.

"It's a short week, so sometimes it happens really fast, but at the same time we all love playing ball, so that means the game day gets here a lot sooner and we're excited about that. It's a lot of hard work early in the week, but we get rewarded with the game early on Thursday."

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