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Four Takeaways From Ken Norton, Jr.'s Wednesday Press Conference

Wednesday afternoon, Ken Norton, Jr., held his weekly press conference at the team's Alameda, Calif., facility.

Here are the highlights from his time behind the microphone as the team prepares to take on the Tennessee Titans.

He shared his thoughts about the Titans offense.

"Really excited to get to another game. Anytime that you're in this business, you can't wait for the next week. We're really excited. Practice has been outstanding. Looking forward to a good performance."

Norton is excited about what rookie linebacker Ben Heeney brings to the table.

"I'm really excited. We knew coming in Heeney was very active, very fast, very explosive, but also young. At the same time, he's a football player and he's certainly going to make us a better team."

Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota presents a challenge to the Raiders defense.

"He's pretty good. He's got good legs, very good mobility. Good, young receivers around him. I'm looking forward to the challenge."

It's all about leverage and tackling.

"Just the little things that you watch, just leverage, eyes, tackling, those things are still [what] we're growing at and our players are young, but we're growing and we're getting better. But we have to certainly… We can't overlook the little things. There are a lot of details involved that we have to continue to learn."

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