Get Your Grub On


Oakland Mobile Food Group and Rising Sun Entrepreneurs will be providing Street Food at Raider Alley Lot H at 66th Ave Entrance to the fans prior to Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Raider Fans attending the game can go to Parking Lot H to taste of Oakland's Finest Street Food.  The Food Trucks and Vendors will be at the 66th Street Entrance between A and D lots.

Emilia Otero, CEO for Rising Sun Entrepreneurs said, "We are excited to continue to bring Street Food to Raider Alley.   We want to give the fans a chance to experience different vendors each home game.   This week we will feature returning vendor, Oaktown Jerk.  He takes pride in using the highest quality beef and providing different tastes from his travels around the world.

Among the many flavors are Smoked Hickory, Thai Basil and my favorite Chili-Lime Cilantro. Sample his commitment to bringing Oakland's very the best Jerky.  Buy a bag to enjoy during the game or to take home after the game."

Taste the best Tacos, Burritos, Ceviche, Pulled Pork, Fried Fish, Beef Jerky and more!   Vendors will be there to serve you from the time the gates open, until kickoff in order to provide fans an opportunity to enjoy some of Oakland's best street food, all locally owned and operated. This is another example of our commitment to providing the greatest game-day experience in the NFL.

Ms. Otero invited fans to "Come by, say hello and get your grub on at Raider Alley."

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