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Getting To Know: Offensive Lineman Kelechi Osemele


#70 G/T Kelechi Osemele

What does it mean to have the reputation of being one of the most feared offensive linemen throughout the league?

Osemele:"It means you take pride in what you do. It means you want to protect your guys. It means you want to lead your offensive line with the way that you play."

**Being a versatile lineman, what is it about your game that allows you to be plugged in at so many positions?


Osemele:"I have good feet, so my athleticism allows me to be able to shift different positions and stuff like that. I have long arms, so that allows me to play tackle or guard. I'm just built in a way that allows me to play different positions."

Which position do you prefer, tackle or guard?

Osemele:"I like both of them. I think both are fun. Both are challenging and both have their different aspects that have to be able to perform in order to play each position. Tackle is a lot more finesse, a lot more technique. You have to be quicker. Guard is a lot more explosive. Things happen faster. It's a lot of brute strength. You have to be physical when you're trying to move bigger guys than the guys you would face on the edge."

What's one of your most memorable games?

Osemele:"The Super Bowl in 2012 against the 49ers, that definitely was my most memorable game. Being a rookie and playing against some of the best players in the NFL, I thought that was a lot of fun. It kind of gave me what I was lacking at the college level, which was competition at a higher level. I thought that was fun."

**What attracted you to the Raiders during free agency?


Osemele:"I talked to my agent and he said that they had a really young quarterback that was doing really well out there. They had a lot of really good pieces and were just lacking a few guys here and there. I could be a part of something new with trying to build the franchise to a Super Bowl contender level. Step up in a position to be a leader on a team that doesn't have a lot of older players or experience or experienced players playing in playoff games. He said it would be a good fit, so that pretty much lead me in that direction."

What's been your impression of Raider Nation so far?

Osemele:"The fans are really passionate, moreso than I expected. I heard that it was a really popular franchise, but I wasn't really aware of the magnitude of it until I got here and saw it for myself. It seems like they're ride or die, it's win or loss. They're really loyal fans, which isn't necessarily the case for every NFL franchise, so I thought that was really cool."

Which of your teammates have you connected with the most?

Osemele:"I would say Menelik Watson. We just have similar personalities. He's just a laid back guy, pretty chill."

**Who has been the most influential person throughout your NFL career?


Osemele:"I would probably say Ray Lewis. Seeing him lead a team even when he was injured and wasn't around the guys. Just doing whatever he had to do to rehab and get back fast. Just talking to the team, even when he wasn't playing. Just talking to the team and have everybody rally around each other. Just seeing that from a leadership perspective, it was something I hadn't seen before. I thought it was pretty cool to see someone lead a team that way."

You've lived in a couple different states now, what's your favorite part about the West Coast?

Osemele:"It's laid back and has a pretty chill vibe. The scenery is obviously really nice. It's beautiful. There's a bunch of beaches. There's a lot to look at. The food is really good, organic and farm grown. I like eating healthy, so I like that about it. It's just a laid back place and it's good weather."

What are some of your interests outside of football?

Osemele:"I like to read. I like to listen to music, and I like watching movies."

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