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Goodson Talks OTAs


RB Mike Goodson chats with the media after an OTA session. Photo by Tony Gonzales.

Without Darren:

Goodson: Yeah, I think it gives you an opportunity to show you can go through ones, you can step up, that you know your plays, you know your playbook. It's definitely an opportunity.

On how his skillset complements McFadden's:

Goodson: I think it's a unique situation. We all bring a different type of style to the game. I like watching Darren run. I like watching Taiwan run. I like what I bring to the table. I think we have a nice backfield.

On what he brings:

Goodson: I just like to be out there and be explosive. Catch the ball out of the backfield, go in and try to make plays when I have the ball.

On his receiving ability:

Goodson: I think I just do it naturally. I caught a lot of passes in college. My coaches that I've been with have taught me a lot about catching the ball out of the backfield, so I catch it pretty naturally.

On how he views the completion at running back:

Goodson: I'm competing with McFadden, too. Wherever you're at, you're competing with whoever's at your position. I'm a competitor."

On his goal-line carries:

Goodson: Just football. We went through different situations.

On his hamstring:

Goodson: It's been good. I worked real hard on it this offseason, so it hasn't flared up on me at all. It's been pretty good.

On the biggest change in the Raiders, compared to the Panthers:

Goodson: I'm loving this offense. I can't even lie. The zone scheme. We run and show our speed, hit the holes, I love it.

On how he rates his effort today (seemed like one of his best practices):

Goodson: I think everybody comes out and goes hard. That's another great thing about this team. Everybody gives full effort. There's no separation. Everybody gives it his all every day.

On his short-yardage carries:

Goodson: Whatever they give me, I'm wiling to take. It's all about your heart.

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