Raiders legends crack NFL's Top 100 Greatest Characters list

Through the decades, there has been a multitude of superstars and polarizing characters to play or coach the game of football.

Among them, Raiders legends Al Davis, John Madden, and Bo Jackson – just to name a few – and each of them have been named to the NFL Top 100 Greatest Characters list. As part of the centennial celebration, the NFL has been counting down its top characters over the years, and several members of the Silver and Black cracked the list; let's take a look at who they are and where they rank.

No. 39 – Bo Jackson

The first thing anyone ever brings up when Bo is mentioned is his freakish athleticism. As a two-sport athlete, Jackson made headlines whether it was in baseball or football, but during his time with the Raiders he had several "superhuman" moments.

No. 27 – Jon Gruden

The current Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders has been one of the most fascinating personalities of all time; whether it was in the broadcast booth or on the field, Gruden brought the energy.

No. 21 – Ken Stabler

Ken Stabler was true to who he was and he told it like it was. The former Raiders gunslinger led the Raiders to a Super Bowl, and his lifestyle made him one of the "coolest rockstars" in the game.

No. 3 – John Madden

A Super Bowl Champion and arguably the greatest football commentator of all time, John Madden, is a legend. The former Raiders Head Coach paved the way for a lot of sports broadcasters, and none could do it better than him.

No. 2 – Al Davis

Clocking in at No. 2 on the NFL Top 100 list – even though he should be No. 1 – Al Davis. The former Raiders Owner and Head Coach was cut from a different cloth; whether it was his famous phrases or his impact on the league, Al Davis helped turn the NFL into what it is today.