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"He continues to produce at a high, high level"


Opening Statement: **"Injury report: Chimdi [Chekwa] was limited today; Maurice Jones-Drew limited today; Matt McCants limited; Sio Moore did not practice; Nick Roach was limited; Carlos Rogers, limited; Rod Streater did not practice; and Justin Tuck was limited, back at practice today."

Q: Status quo on Nick Roach in terms of where he's at?

Coach Allen:"Yeah."

Q: What was Maurice Jones-Drew able to do? Was he able to get involved in team drills?

Coach Allen:"Yeah, he got out and got some work in and we'll see how he's doing tomorrow."

Q: Was the issue with him ball security and being able to block?

Coach Allen:"Yeah, I mean I think the big thing with him is just making sure that he can function in the role of a running back. If he can do that, without really any limitations, then we want to have him up and playing."

Q: If Sio Moore can't go, would you just move Miles Burris to the outside?

Coach Allen:"Well, we've got a couple of linebackers that we can use, so we'll take the healthy bodies that we have and we'll have a lineup and put them out there."

Q: Is Sio Moore doubtful?

Coach Allen:"He didn't practice today, he didn't practice yesterday."

Q: Is there anything that you're waiting for out of Maurice, maybe how he responds tomorrow?

Coach Allen:"Yeah, you want to see him do the things that he's going to have to do in a football game. If he can do them, he'll be up."

Q: How has Miles done so far? Do you think he's better suited to the inside or to the outside?

Coach Allen:"Miles is doing a good job for us. He's competing his tail off. Obviously, he's a guy that we've kind of moved around a little bit. He's played some Sam, he's played some Mike, he's played some Will. Obviously with Nick [Roach]'s injury he's had to play a little bit more Mike than what we had anticipated, especially early in the season, but he's continuing to work. He'll keep getting better every day."

Q: Was Carlos Rogers full?

Coach Allen:"He was limited today."

Q: Is there any concern with Nick Roach with him missing almost four weeks with a concussion?

Coach Allen:"Yeah, I mean I think that's something that we continue to look at and see if this is going to get better. Obviously, number one, any time you have a concussion there's a concern, and then obviously with the length of time that it's taken, there's even a little bit more concern. He seems to continue to get a little bit better every day, and so hopefully he'll keep getting better."

Q: With Shelby Harris being waived today, was that to open up a spot?

Coach Allen: "Yeah, we're going to have to create a spot for somebody, so we waived Shelby Harris and we'll see what happens."

Q: Would you like to get him on the practice squad in a perfect world?

Coach Allen:"We like Shelby."

Q: So it was not necessarily something that he did wrong?

Coach Allen: "No, we like Shelby and when you have injuries sometimes you have to make some moves and shuffle some things around, so that was a move that we ended up making today."

Q: Rob Gronkowski wasn't used much last week. What have you seen of him on film and what his role is right now?

Coach Allen:"Well I think they're using him in a limited capacity. Looks to me like they're kind of paying attention to how many reps he's getting. But, the reps that he's getting, he's been in there and been effective. They're throwing him the football, he's doing some things in the run game. He's still an outstanding player and a big weapon for them and a real good target for the quarterback. So, when he's in the game, we have to understand he's in there and we've got to make sure we can take care of him."

Q: What jumps out at you about Tom Brady? What is his defining quality? Coach Allen:"He's a great quarterback. There's a lot of qualities that I think are incredible. When you watch this guy and you see all the different lineups that he's seen, all the different receivers that he's thrown the ball to, and he continues to produce at a high, high level. I mean, he's extremely smart. He knows where to go with the football. You can't fool him. And then, even when you have coverage, sometimes he can put the ball in a place that you just can't get there and only his guy can make the play. So, that's why he's one of the best that's ever played the position."

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