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Head Coach Jack Del Rio Talks Bye Week


Opening Statement: **"Ok, we had a good solid couple of days of work. This week is kind of about healing, mending. Guys that need a little rest, got a little rest. We'll come back out of the weekend, clear to have the weekend and then come back out to this thing ready to roll in the last seven. Basically, the second half. We have a big challenge starting out with the Patriots. We'll get into them next week, but obviously getting a jump ahead on them a little bit. Want to come out of this thing ready to have a great second half. Questions?"

Q: Why did the starting offensive line practice these past two days?

Coach Del Rio:"We just did what we thought was best with the guys that have taken a lot of snaps. Some of the other guys were cut down. We put together a plan of how we wanted to approach this week and just went about our business."

Q: What's the message you give the players before the bye weekend?

Coach Del Rio:"Be smart. Make good choices out there. Get back here reenergized and focused and ready to have a great week of practice leading into our game in Mexico City."

Q: Will you watch games on Sunday as a fan?

Coach Del Rio:"Yeah. Yeah, I always tune in. It's ball, I'll watch games on Saturday. Yeah, I'll watch some tonight. I enjoy watching football, so I'll look at it. We'll take full advantage of the time that we have here and make sure we're ready to roll."

Q: Why do you go to Mexico the day before the game opposed to spending the week down there to get acclimated?

Coach Del Rio:"You either have time to acclimate or it's best to go in there as late as possible. We're not going to be there for two weeks, so our thought is to treat it a lot like we do the Denver game and go in the night before."

Q: As coaches you use the bye week to self-scout, how has that process been this week?

Coach Del Rio:"We don't wait until the bye to do that type of work but we do have a chance to go in a really focus on it. Individually, you come out of it with techniques you want to refine. Areas that need clarification for some reason or another, make sure that we're getting that. It's really a great time to continue to develop our young players. It's one of the things that we'll count on as we go down the stretch here is that some of these young players are going to come up and play. We want to continue to develop them, work them, build their confidence in what we're doing."

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