Head Coach Jack Del Rio: "That was one heck of an effort"


Opening Statement:** "Let me just say that that was one heck of an effort. I saw a lot of examples of guys really empty in their bucket. Phrase that says really had given all they had. Straining, not flinching in tough circumstances, finding a way. The head coach and the quarterback are the only two guys in the organization that are tied directly to wins and losses and see our young quarterback take our football team down there to the end, that was special. That was special. Really proud of the men in that room. We've worked hard. This is the first of many moments like that. It's going to be a lot of fun. They're a very good football team that we went against. That was a tough, hard-fought win. I'm sure there are plenty of things that we'll pick apart and talk about that weren't how they need to be going forward. But for today, they were enough. For today we'll take that huge win that we needed so badly and go enjoy it tonight."

Q: Can you talk about Derek Carr's performance especially after being hurt?

Coach Del Rio:"On top of a week of people thinking maybe I'm hiding something or whatever [laughing]. He came in the morning after and said he was fine. Threw the ball well all week and prepared hard all week. It was a normal week in those respects. There was just a lot of really because he couldn't finish last week. He really got it behind him really quickly. It's a testament to his well, his desire and his willingness to do the extra things to get his body to recover, which is part of that to be able to bounce back from an injury like that. Really, really pleased with him. How about Charles Woodson? How about Charles finding a way to make it out here today. With the shoulder and him being questionable all week and very limited all week. That's what makes this game so special. It's a team effort, that's what it takes, and we had a full team effort today."

Q: What was Carr's demeanor like after the interception?

Coach Del Rio:"He just kept playing. Our thought coming in here was, 'Hey, let's come in and relax and play good football.' We know we paid the price. We prepared, we're ready to do this thing together, let's just relax and go play and have fun. I think for our football team that was important. We clearly wanted it real bad, and we worked real hard. Obviously, the beginning last week wasn't what we were looking for. That was a tough one to take, but I think we owned up to somethings that went wrong and just kind of forged ahead and he we are with a big comeback win at home."


Q: What a way for Seth Roberts to step forward into the spotlight. **

Coach Del Rio:"Step forward with a game-winner? Yeah, that was nice. He's worked hard. He's worked hard. The wide receiver group because we brought in [Amari Cooper] and [Michael Crabtree], the guys that were here before, there was a lot of competition for those spots and playing time and what not. He's earned his way. Great for him, great for us to see him do real well there."

Q: How much did getting the ball down field open things up on offense?

Coach Del Rio: "Well I think there are a lot of things that we want to do offensively. Some of which we were able to get done today at a little better rate. We have people that can get down the field. We have a quarterback that's very accurate down the field. We're going to be able to run the ball well. That's a really physical front, a physical defense that we went against today, and our offense was terrific for most of the day. I would just say that today was a little closer to what we're looking for with the offensive production."

Q: I don't think they touched Carr a lot today. Did you do something different with the offensive line today?

Coach Del Rio: "No. Our protection has been really good. I think all camp, all preseason and for the first two games, I think our protection has been really good. I think the O-line is doing a nice job with that."

Q: Was there a point during practice that you saw what you saw today?

Coach Del Rio: "I see great examples every day. In terms of turning the corner and going on to next, it's so important. We've got to go on to next now. We're going to enjoy this one, but we've got to go on to next. When we visit on Tuesday, you're going to hear me talking about we have to go on to next. It's the next opportunity. That's what this league is about. People have big wins, big losses, things happens, but you have to go on to the next one as quickly as possible. We'll enjoy it tonight, but we understand it's one game. It's a big win and it was certainly after a really productive offseason. It kind of shows that some of that hard work and all of those sacrifices, that there's light at the end of the tunnel. That there is a pay off when you're doing things the right way."


Q: Was there a point during practice this week you thought you would be better? **

Coach Del Rio: "That's what I'm saying, it has been continuous. It's been continuous. We've been giving good effort. I think there was a point throughout the week where each day I thought we got a little better about getting over the game. I was concerned about turning our attention forward with a positive energy and not dwelling on the negative vibe of what was. Of course, no offense, but you guys like to dwell on the negative, so it's a battle. But I do believe that our guys did have the faith, did continue to believe and work and prepare. And that allowed us to come out and have a moment like that. We're going to play a lot better football going forward. It was good enough today."

Q: How do you make sure they don't get too high after this win?

Coach Del Rio: "We're just not going to travel to St. Louis. Isn't that what happened last year [laughing]?"

Q: Growing up in Hayward, Calif., was this win special for you?

Coach Del Rio: "It was special. It was special. Yeah. I had to focus on taking my mind elsewhere so I didn't get all choked up. Very special for me."

Q: Did you see the pass rush starting to get there?

Coach Del Rio: "I really believe that pass defense is something that we'll improve at as we go through this year. I really believe that. We have some really dynamic rushers. Our coverage is going to need to be better. It's being challenged. The first couple of weeks, it has not been anywhere near what it's going to need to be. We'll address, we'll work on it, we'll correct it and we'll do the things we can to help clean it up. I do believe that we have the makings of a pretty salty rush and that will help our coverage."

Q: Is defense a concern after giving up so many yards?

Coach Del Rio: "I think both defenses will come out of the game saying, 'We certainly feel like we're capable of doing better.' The difference is we're going to make our corrections with a 'W.' I think both offenses were really terrific today. A lot of offensive productivity. For those who like the high scoring games, there was a lot of scoring there, lot of activity, lot of action. I'm sure the defensive coaches on both sides are going to talk about the things they need to correct, and rightly so. But as a team, we get to go home happy."


Q: Can you talk about Amari Cooper's performance? Big day for him. **

Coach Del Rio: "He's a good player, a good player. He's very active. I didn't see the stats on it, let me take a peek. Yeah, he went over 100 yards. It's good to see. He's got a lot of ability and he's a hard worker."

Q: How much did the heat affect the team?

Coach Del Rio:"I think it's a testament to the work that's been done with the conditioning. It was hot, as hot as I can remember him being in the Bay Area. It was very warm. I thought our guys weathered it fairly well. We had a few guys that sought out IVs and things. Hydration was stressed all week, it's part of what we do any how. We really made it a focus this week leading into the game. I thought for the most part we weathered, we did a good job."

Q: Did they get IVs at halftime or throughout the game?

Coach Del Rio: "Yeah, throughout."

Q: Do you come away with better feeling after winning a back and forth game like that?

Coach Del Rio: "I don't know. To me it's one in the plus column, one in the minus column and we move on. You don't get style points. At the end of the year they're going to add up how many you won and that's one in the win column. We'll take it and move on."

Q: Were you surprised by anything out there today?

Coach Del Rio: "No."

Q: Can it inspire confidence in your team winning like that?

Coach Del Rio:"Positive experiences, negative experiences, they're experiences. We're going to either win or going to learn. And we're going to learn when we win and we'll move on. I said it when I started, I think it's a validation of the hard work, but I don't want to get too carried away. It's a nice win. We're going to enjoy it today. Then on Tuesday we'll turn our attention forward."

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