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Head Coach Jack Del Rio Wraps Up Fast Friday


Head Coach Jack Del Rio

Here's the full transcript from Head Coach Jack Del Rio's press conference Friday.

Opening statement:"Alright, Fast Friday. Who can tell me what Fast Friday is about? Do you know what Fast Friday is about? Everything fast. Fast feet, fast minds, that's what Fast Friday is. It's not necessarily fast like you guys can't ask questions. I like it when you don't, but that's not what it is. We're ready to roll. Looking forward to Sunday Night. National TV, two good football teams who want to win really bad and should be a heck of a game. Looking forward to playing in front of our fans. Questions?"

Q: How were the practices last week compared to the ones this week? Are they a different vibe?

Coach Del Rio:"Probably a little different vibe. Felt like we practiced pretty well last week. It's a matter of going out and producing, executing on game days."

Q: Is there a sense with Amari Cooper that this could be a long-term thing?

Coach Del Rio:"I think he's better than he was, but he's going to be out this week. I think we have a chance to get him back."

Q: Is it encouraging to see David Amerson moving around like he was?

Coach Del Rio:"I think [athletic trainer/physical therapist] Emilio [Rabelo] wanted to put him right there so you guys could watch him work out. He's doubtful this weekend, so we'll see. We hope to get him back because he's a good player for us."

Q: Antonio Hamilton will be active this week?

Coach Del Rio: "He's likely to come up. Obi [Melifonwu] actually had surgery yesterday so he'll be out and will end up on IR and Hamilton will come up and play for us."

Q: Did the injury occur on Sunday?

Coach Del Rio:"I can't tell you exactly when that occurred. I think it's been a little bit that he's been working with. It required surgery, he had it, so he'll be out."

Q: It was the hip though?

Coach Del Rio:"Yeah."

Q: Not having Amerson for the last six games, how much of an impact has that had on the secondary?

Coach Del Rio:"He's a good player but we don't dwell on that. We go with the next guy up. The guys have been working hard, coming together, playing faster with more certainty and that's what we're looking for."

**Q: How has Dak Prescott done in games without Ezekiel Elliott?


Coach Del Rio:"I think he's a really good football player. I think Dak brings a lot to the table. Taking out a guy that is so prominent in your offense may take a little while to adjust, but I think they've adjusted. They've got a good group. Their backs are talented. The line is talented. They have good skill people. It's a really good offense."

Q: How do you feel your run defense has played this year?

Coach Del Rio:"Pretty good. Pretty good most of the year. Last week wasn't what we want, in terms of numbers. We've been pretty solid. We got challenged Week 1 with Tennessee who runs it as well as anybody. This will be another one of those challenges, they run it as well as anybody."

Q: With Cooper out, what are some key attributes that will be missed?

Coach Del Rio:"We'd rather not focus on what we're not getting and focus on what we can do with the guys we have. That's how we've approached it. He's not practiced all week and we're ready to move on."

Q: Shilique Calhoun made some plays last week. What have you seen from him?

Coach Del Rio:"It's natural for anybody, if you're down and you know you're not in the plans to have to push to keep working. I think he has. We're counting on him making some plays for us. Last week he made a couple plays and hope he can make a few more this week."

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