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Holmes: "We just have to put it all together"


Q: Coach [Interim Head Coach Tony Sparano] said that the one thing he wants to happen is, that you seem to have a couple of things go right one week and there's a couple of things that don't, and then the next week it moves around, the problems each week. Is that kind of how you feel out there?**

Holmes:"Yeah, I feel like at times it's Oakland beating Oakland at the wrong times and whether it's converting third downs or turning the ball over, those types of things are happening and we just have to put it all together. I think this week, I'm not sure exactly what our percentage was, but we were better on third down. We had some turnovers, so we just have to put it all together."


Q: Do you feel like you guys are getting closer to putting it all together?**

Holmes:"Well yeah, I think we're getting better every week. I think we're putting it all together but we have to come out with the win. That's the bottom line. That's how you put it together. When you put it together you're going to get a win."

Q: How can you gage, if you're not winning, that you're getting better each week? What are things that you look at?

Holmes:"Just not beating ourselves. Taking care of the ball, making critical plays, getting off the field on defense, whatever it is. That's how you win games. Those are the things we need to get better at."

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