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"I'm about winning, that's all it's about for me."


Q: The Patriots have been talking about your role on this team, how you're a dangerous weapon; do you wish you got the ball more often the past two games?**

Reece:"Of course. Every offensive player wants to get the ball as many times as they can, so that goes unsaid really."

Q: [Offensive Coordinator] Greg Olson said today that you guys talk constantly, right after games and discussing strategy and such. Do you ever lobby for carries of the ball, or is it more just team-oriented stuff?

Reece:"I'm about winning, that's all it's about for me. If we're winning and I don't touch the ball then I think that sits well with me.  We haven't won yet, so I'm just trying to do whatever I can to help this team win and make plays on the field, and no matter how many times I touch the ball, Oly [Greg Olson] and I are going to meet every other day like we always do. Before games, after games, and the game- what you guys don't understand is the game changes all the time. Game plans change according to the direction the game is going in, and I've been in this league for a long time so I understand that."

Q: Does losing hurt more when you don't get the ball?

Reece:"Losing hurts more than anything."

Q: But do you think, 'I could have done something, but I'm just not getting the opportunity?'

Reece:"I always look back and try to see what I can do to help the team and make plays and try and help us win. That's my goal. That's why I'm here, to make plays and win, and we haven't done that so I don't feel like I've been successful yet."

Q: Your track record as a primary tailback is pretty good. Is that maybe something you would want to lobby for as opposed to trying to find creative ways, just hand him the ball?

Reece:"I've never put a position on myself and I won't start now. I'm a playmaker and that's what I'm here for. Any way I can to make plays, that's how I'm going to do it. Whether it's catching the ball, running the ball, blocking in the passing game, blocking in the run game, that's why I'm here. I'm here to just make plays, not be a primary tailback. We have Darren McFadden for that."

Q: What's it going to take to pull out of this?

Reece:"Execution. Constant execution. We have to stay on them, get on them early and stay on them often. They're a great team. They obviously have a first ballot Hall of Famer quarterback, a first ballot Hall of Fame coach and they're going to do everything we have to do to beat us and we have to bring our A game for them."

Q: So your frustration is based on the record not on your usage?

Reece:"Absolutely. It's just about being an offense and not being as explosive as we can, and of course I play a big part in that, in just being explosive and having the opportunities to make explosive plays for our offense. I feel that if we get on them early and stay on them often, it'll create more opportunities for myself and other playmakers on the team."

Q: There's been so few snaps, Oly was saying that there was 20 in the first half the other day. Does it sometimes seem like you're on the sidelines way more than you should be?

Reece:"Yeah, it is, and like I said, sometimes that's just how the game goes. I think last week, after the first quarter I looked up and we had three plays as an offense. As an offense total, not just me, and everyone's plays are limited, so for us as an offense, if our plays are going to be that limited, we have to take advantage of them when we have them."

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